Focus Cambodia

Presenting the people in the key industry sectors who shape the economy, FOCUS Cambodia also lists the key laws and regulations that make the kingdom such an attractive investment destination.

Social security

Hope on the horizon

While economic progress marches on, not everyone has benefited from this financial boom. Addressing disparities, Cambodia’s government has undertaken a plan that aims to help the country’s most vulnerable and has transformative potential for the Kingdom Read More

Investment policy

The gate keeper

The Secretary General of the Council for the Development of Cambodia (CDC), Sok Chenda Sophea, on promoting the Kingdom to investors while adhering to government policies and ambitions for sectorial growth Read More

2021-22 Stories


A better grid

Cambodia’s recent turn to coal-fired energy has raised eyebrows among investors. But for those in the renewables sector, there are still plenty of reasons to look on the bright side

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Food & Agriculture

Home grown

With a wealth of high-quality agricultural products grown in Cambodia, the country has a lot to offer local, regional, and global markets. However, equipment upgrades, reimagined marketing strategies and big-picture thinking will be required if the Kingdom is to catch up with regional peers

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Sustainable Charcoal

Khmer Green Charcoal provides a sustainable alternative to wood charcoal for cooking

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2019-20 Stories

Cambodia’s education system

The keys to the Kingdom

With Cambodia surging ahead towards high middle-income status, ensuring that the next generation has the essential skills it needs to thrive in a high-skilled work environment has never been more important. Wilco Visscher, country programme manager for international education non-profit VVOB, breaks down the challenges and opportunities facing Cambodia’s schools

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Training initiatives in the Kingdom

As Cambodia struggles to overcome the skills gap that plagues its young workforce, several organisations have taken matters into their own hands with various in-house training programmes designed to bring new hires quickly up to speed

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Ten to watch

Cambodia’s rising stars

With a growing economy, new businesses on the rise and an eye on digitisation, Cambodia’s innovators now have more opportunities to shine than ever before.

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Clean energy

A guide to renewable power in Cambodia

Cambodia has huge renewable energy potential in the form of hydropower, solar and wind. Hydropower is already an important part of the energy mix and attention is shifting towards other renewable energies, but many challenges lie ahead

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What the Asean Single Window means for Cambodia

The ASEAN Single Window initiative promises to unite Southeast Asia as a truly integrated economic community through seamless cross-border trade and information sharing. Focus Cambodia spoke to Jayant Menon, head economist for trade and regional cooperation at the Asian Development Bank, about Cambodia’s place in an increasingly integrated ASEAN

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2018 Stories

Four pillars: tourism

Cambodia’s tourism industry looks beyond Angkor Wat

Buoyed by a surge in Chinese visitors, Cambodia’s tourism industry is surfing a wave of growth and prosperity, but greater diversification is needed to keep the industry on its upward trajectory

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Agriculture branches out as rice returns flatten

Although rice has long fed both the people and the economy of Cambodia, experts say that crop diversification and increased investment are needed to take the agriculture industry to the next level

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IT education

Closing the gap between Cambodian tech talent and demand

As Cambodia aspires to compete regionally in ICT development, experts in the field have seen vast improvements in recent years – as well as opportunities to continue closing the gap between skill and market demand

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2017 Stories


Sun Chanthol: the man connecting Cambodia

The Kingdom’s Minister of Public Works and Transport is leading efforts to upgrade the country’s infrastructure as it prepares for the challenges of the future

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Why it pays to pay more

The only way forward for Cambodia’s garment sector is good wages, worker empowerment and a focus on sustainability, according to the founder of this unconventional textile factory in Siem Reap

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Cooking up Cambodia’s culinary future

Focus Cambodia heads inside the kitchen of Phnom Penh’s new culinary arts academy, where the team has grand visions of elevating the country’s food and beverage scene

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