Shunted off Facebook, Indonesia’s Islamists turn to Instagram

With more than 130 million users in Indonesia alone, Facebook has long been the platform of choice for Islamists in the archipelago. But with Facebook tightening its controls over extremist content, many are turning to Instagram to promote the cause

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MH653 and dairy in Cambodia

This week we’ve rolled back the clocks to shed new light on an unsolved mystery: the hijacking of Malaysia Airlines flight 653. Who did it and why remains a mystery to this day, and the cryptic, twisting and outright bizarre transcript from the cockpit that fateful December night in 1977 offers little in the way of answers. The Globe’s Andrew Haffner also visited Cambodia’s newest and most high-tech dairy farm to learn what it could mean for the future of agriculture in the Kingdom.

Into the future

In 20 years time, Cambodia will be as unrecognisable to us as our present would have been to our parents. Join us every Wednesday for a glimpse of what that future could look like – and what we have to do to make that happen.

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While the countries of Southeast Asia have made great strides in school enrollment and retention rates, disparities in school access and quality are still holding back students in Cambodia, Lao PDR and Vietnam. The hardest-hit are those already marginalised — whether by poverty or geography, ethnic bias or inadequate resources, the challenges facing these youths are hurting their ability to learn.
As part of Future Forum’s Cambodia 2040 project, many of the Kingdom’s brightest young minds have come together to lay out their vision for building a nation where everyone is free to learn, grow, work and live to their full potential. From the classrooms our children learn in, to the farms their food is grown on, and the regional politics shaping their futures.
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Pacific Forum’s Young Leaders Program was established in 2004 to build cross-cultural experiences for young scholars and foreign policy professionals to improve policy analysis skills early in their careers. The program affords Young Leaders an unparalleled opportunity to network, observe the foreign-policy making process and voice their generation’s viewpoints within elite circles of policy specialists. Read their perspectives here.
No child deserves to grow up knowing only fear and want. In partnership with Friends International, Southeast Asia Globe has produced a series investigating the changing face of child protection in Cambodia.
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Caring for Cambodia, in collaboration with the Southeast Asia Globe, explore the issues still present in the country’s education sphere. But also, importantly, shine a light on the immense steps made and the work being done to bring education and hope to generations of Cambodians to come.