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Anakut podcast finale: Forging Cambodia’s creative renaissance

In the final episode of the third season of the Anakut podcast we do what we originally set out to do – delve deep into modern Cambodia and the vibrant people who inhabit it

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October 17, 2023
Anakut podcast finale: Forging Cambodia’s creative renaissance

This time around, we’re setting our sights on the bustling Phnom Penh, and its multifaceted creatives who are driving a new cultural consciousness for the Kingdom. With a population exceeding 2.2 million, the city stands as the nation’s largest hub. It draws people from every corner of the country, whether for work, leisure, access to essential services, or for artistic exploration.

In this episode, Globe Editor-in-Chief Andrew Haffner and his co-host Dy Sereyvoleak explore Phnom Penh’s role in shaping Cambodia’s contemporary culture, focusing on the city’s role in bringing art, music and other creative pursuits to the eyes, ears, and minds of the public. It may not rival global cultural giants like New York or Paris, but it undoubtedly plays a pivotal role in shaping popular taste and media in Cambodia.

The duo take a look at Phnom Penh’s evolving infrastructure supporting artistic endeavours, from art and music to various other lanes of creative craftsmanship. In the process, we hear from Sok Visal, founder of the music label and film production studio KlapYaHandz, and Yean Reaksmey, an art history lecturer, curator and critic. They also caught up with Sievphin Chong, better known as his alter ego Peace Chong, an independent musician and digital culture creator. All share some unique perspectives on Cambodian culture evolution.

Join us for the season – and maybe series – finale as we navigate through the city’s vibrant art scene and its role in sustaining Cambodia’s cultural ecosystem.

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