Youth protests and LGBTQ armed revolutionaries

This week, as protests continue unabated in Thailand, the Globe provides a platform for the the kingdom's student activists. First we serve up a piece of analysis by the Globe's eyes and ears in Bangkok Wanpen Pajai, before hearing from Mahidol student activist Francis Bunkueanun Paothong about his organisation's perspective on the movement. We also speak with former armed revolutionary Aung Myo Min on the 20th anniversary of Equality Myanmar, as he tells us about the state of affairs for the country's LGBTQ community.

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August 31, 2020
Youth protests and LGBTQ armed revolutionaries

Will you listen? Perspectives from young Thais about the country’s future

Thailand’s youth protests have captured the imagination — and, in some circles, the furor — of the country’s political scene. Globe reporter Wanpen Pajai shared this dispatch with us from the heart of the new democracy movement, with clear voices from some of the students driving it forward. A must-read to better understand #WhatIsHappeningInThailand

Hanoi’s growing homeless population struggle with lockdown measures

The Covid-19 pandemic was described early on as a ‘great equaliser’ that could affect anyone, regardless of their status. That’s true to some extent, but for those who were already living on the margins of society, the pandemic has been a crushing blow to their perilous livelihoods. Globe reporter Ashley Lampard went out in Hanoi to speak with the capital’s homeless residents and their advocates to see how these vulnerable people are hanging on through the crisis.

Myanmar’s LGBTQ armed revolutionary continues fight two decades on

From fighting in the jungle to the civil society of Myanmar, Aung Myo Min has worked for much of his life to improve the human rights situation in his home country. Now, the LGBTQ advocate is taking the fight for equality to the country’s legislators. Globe reporter Alexi Demetriadi spoke with Aung Myo Min to get the full story here.

Does Japanese FDI grow negative media coverage of China in ASEAN?

Researchers with the Naval Postgraduate School in the US analysed 175,000 news articles from Southeast Asian outlets and found countries with higher Japanese investment tended to have worse perceptions of Chinese in-country activities. Hit the link for some fascinating analysis on the fight for hearts and minds in Southeast Asia.

Homebound predators and hard-hit families: Filipino child abuse on the rise

The effects of Covid-19 have been widespread, but one particularly vicious symptom has been an increase in demand for child pornography. In May, Philippines authorities reported a 265% increase in cyber tips of potential abuse during the height of lockdown. Child rights workers are calling it the “secret pandemic”, writes contributor Tabitha Payne.

One small step at a time, one giant leap for Thai democracy

Another voice from the Thai youth protests, Francis Bunkueanun Paothong is a student organiser and founder and co-chair of the Coalition of Salaya Students. Francis wrote to share with us his view of the movement, its growing momentum and the dedication of its members. Click for an important read.

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