Struggles across generations

As young generations get more involved in politics in Thailand, the Philippines and Malaysia, elders in Cambodia need more support. Meanwhile, ASEAN and EU strengthen ties on green economy

March 4, 2023
Struggles across generations

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As youths across Southeast Asia are getting more involved in politics and activism, elderly people continue struggling to make it to the end of the month without family support. Meanwhile, the region advances partnerships with the EU on green economy. 

The Globe is pleased to introduce our first audio story curated by Leila Goldstein. You can find it at the top of her latest feature on Cambodia’s elders struggling without welfare or family support.

Last but not least, while activists in the Philippines gathered to remember the ousting of former dictator Ferdinand Marcos Sr., Vietnam elected its new president. 

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1 – Cambodia’s elders struggling without welfare or family support

Globe’s Leila Goldstein

As Cambodian youths seek better job opportunities in big cities or abroad, older people are in growing need of financial and health support.

2 – Thailand’s child activists face unprecedented court proceeding

Globe’s Beatrice Siviero

Thailand’s youth justice system remains inadequate as child political activists continue facing criminal charges under the lèse-majesté law.

3 – Marcos momentum threatens legacy of Philippine’s People Power

Tristan James Biglete

Activists in The Philippines gathered at Manila’s People Power monument on the anniversary of the revolution that ousted dictator Ferdinand Marcos Sr. in 1986.

4 – “Green Deal” can link ASEAN and the EU for a cleaner future

Chheang Vaannarith

ASEAN is stepping up cooperation with the EU on sustainable green economy following the region’s 2022 Green Deal proposal.

4 – The rise of youth participation in Malaysia’s political landscape

Liani MK

The younger generation in Malaysia is gaining political influence after a constitutional amendment lowered the voting age to 18 ahead of last November’s elections.

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