Protecting life and dignity

Grassroots advocacy initiatives are blooming in Southeast Asia. This week, we looked at Cambodian heroes fighting for social justice, how local child protection initiatives are dealing with the impact of casino-driven tourism, the fading plight of Indonesia’s last hunting-gatherer community and more.

November 15, 2019
Protecting life and dignity

A surge in casino-led tourism, propped by transient businesses, has unwanted consequences for children in Cambodia. For years, local child welfare groups have built community connections that enable people to report suspicious activity involving vulnerable children. Yet an influx of Chinese buyers has all but eroded child-safe businesses, compromising community ties.

A life-and-death struggle unfolds in the Halmahera wilderness, as hungry mining companies close in on the sacred lands of Indonesia’s indigenous Tobelo Dalam peoples.

Indonesian Prime Minister Joko Widodo has gone back on some of his pre-election promises by making several controversial ministerial appointments. With Jokowi’s new cabinet comprised, in part, of tycoons and members of the security forces – as well as allies who propelled him to re-election – Southeast Asia Globe looks at what the new administration means for an already fragmented political system.

As NGOs continue to trickle out of Cambodia, more and more everyday heroes are rising up to tackle some of the country’s most pressing social issues. These local advocates have built social enterprises and schools from scratch, investing their own time and money to help Cambodia’s most vulnerable members of society. 

Our 2007 archive story on China’s unique communist system remains as timely as ever, as we revisit what underpins the conflicting success of China’s socialism. We take an in-depth look at the curious case of China’s rise to power.

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