MH653 and dairy in Cambodia

This week we’ve rolled back the clocks to shed new light on an unsolved mystery: the hijacking of Malaysia Airlines flight 653. Who did it and why remains a mystery to this day, and the cryptic, twisting and outright bizarre transcript from the cockpit that fateful December night in 1977 offers little in the way of answers. The Globe’s Andrew Haffner also visited Cambodia’s newest and most high-tech dairy farm to learn what it could mean for the future of agriculture in the Kingdom

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October 23, 2020
MH653 and dairy in Cambodia

Who hijacked Malaysia Airlines 653? Revisiting the mystery 43 years on

This was a gripping piece of history submitted to us by plane crash chronicler Kylan Dempsey. In 1977, a mysterious hijacking caused a 747 carrying more than 100 passengers to crash in swampland just north of Singapore. Kylan combed through blackbox recordings in an attempt to find out just what happened on that fateful night.

Stitch up: Power imbalances in global garment sector worsen in pandemic

Globe reporter Alexi Demetriadi unravels some of the major business practices that drive inequality in the globalised garment industry. The Covid-19 pandemic hurt businesses across the world, but for garment producers in Southeast Asia, the crisis was just another moment where buyers in larger economies could flex contractual muscle.

Cambodia’s newest dairy farm offers vision of tech-driven agriculture

I took a trip down to the farm this past week to learn more about Kirisu, Cambodia’s newest and largest dairy producer. Powered by Israeli tech and agronomists, the farm is making a national bid for mechanised agriculture.

Anakut episode three: The fate of the Mighty Mekong

Our latest episode of the Anakut podcast is out! Meng and I took our discussion to the mighty Mekong with Ham Oudom, environmental researcher and consultant, and Pich Charadine, a leading voice of international relations with the Cambodian Institute for Cooperation and Peace. The big river is in trouble — here’s what that means for the Kingdom.

The hidden plight of Phnom Penh’s urban poor during flooding

Floods have been wiping away people’s homes, dreams and, in tragic cases, their lives. In Phnom Penh, this is especially true for the city’s poorest residents. Horn Chanvoitey, junior research fellow at Future Forum, writes in with her analysis of the quiet desperation that high water brings to those living here in poverty.

Live streams and citizen journalism defy Thailand’s media crackdown

Globe reporters Wanpen Pajai and Tara Abhasakun teamed up for this deep report on the power of livestreaming for Thai demonstrators. In the smartphone era, they write, everyone can be a reporter — and almost nobody can censor the news.

The Jakarta Method: How US-backed communist purges shaped our world

Recently released book The Jakarta Method documents the deadly game of trial and error practiced by the CIA in 1960s Indonesia, as the Southeast Asian nation’s US-backed mass killings would become the model for anti-communist purges around the globe.

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