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If knowledge is power, then education is the conduit to great things. 

While the countries of Southeast Asia have made great strides in school enrollment and retention rates, disparities in school access and quality are still holding back students in Cambodia, Lao PDR and Vietnam. The hardest-hit are those already marginalised — whether by poverty or geography, ethnic bias or inadequate resources, the challenges facing these youths are hurting their ability to learn.

Over the next six months, Aide et Action, in partnership with Southeast Asia Globe, will highlight barriers to education across the region and reflect how equal access can heal, empower, and include, building a more sustainable and just future for all.


Fears over long-term impact as school closures in Cambodia stretch on

Cambodian schools have been closed for more than 200 days since the onset of Covid-19. Already struggling to engage thousands of young learners pre-pandemic, this extended break has only worsened the situation, with the long-term effects on a generation of students yet to be seen Read More


[Photos] The Cambodian communities living under water

Recent weeks have seen some of the worst flooding in Cambodia for decades, leaving communities across the Kingdom submerged. What has resulted has been death and injury, displaced households, and major interruptions to the education of young students Read More

Will COVID-19 shine a light on the importance of early childhood care and education in Southeast Asia?

The socio and economic fallout of the current health crisis is already threatening to undo the gains made to address poverty, hunger, education, good health and well-being in recent years. While the pandemic disrupts almost every facet of life around the globe, Aide et Action poses the question if this disruption could in fact propel early childhood education rather than set it back Read More

Education in Cambodia

The Kep woman using education to inspire change in Cambodia

In Cambodia’s Kep province, Phou Mom has shaken up the education system in recent decades. Her efforts inspired generations of the Kingdom’s female students, including Vannet Neak, today a school director who is trailblasing a path of her own Read More

About Aide et Action

Aide et Action is an international non-governmental organisation (NGO) working in 19 countries to support development of sustainable education projects. Aide et Action has worked in Southeast Asia since 2003 and implements projects across Cambodia, Lao PDR and Vietnam. Aide et Action promotes access to high quality education for the most vulnerable and marginalised populations, especially children, to offer a life-long learning journey starting with early childhood and continuing to secondary and vocational education.

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