Southeast Asian communities feel unprotected as dangerous threats spread through the region 

Thailand’s worst child mass killing, Rohingya refugees live in fear, Vietnam’s regional policies, Southeast Asian riders have limited insurance protection

October 15, 2022
Southeast Asian communities feel unprotected as dangerous threats spread through the region 

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This week’s stories cover the struggles of communities living in fear of major threats. They range from mass killing, deadly attacks by militant groups, to growing geopolitical tension across the region. 

Thailand is still grieving from the worst child mass killings in the country’s history, which saw 38 deaths, 24 of which were young children. The event left the community appalled and in fear. It also pushed the Thai government to discuss tightening gun control laws across the country. Globe’s Beatrice Siviero reported the aftermath of the massacre from the ground. 

Meanwhile, in Bangladesh, fear is the prevailing emotion among Rohingya refugees from Myanmar, who feel that ‘nowhere is safe.’ Fleeing from a war zone was already tough and dangerous, but now refugees are facing other dangers knowing that the Myanmar military and radical militant groups would clash in deadly attacks nearby the camps across the border, Tanbirul Miraj Ripon reported. 

As Thailand and Myanmar’s communities strive to live in a safe environment, delivery riders across Southeast Asia are seeking better insurance protection against road accidents. The region is well-known for its dangerous roads, and although governments have made steps ahead in providing more protection for riders, workers’ access to insurance benefits remains a challenge. Leila Goldstein dives into the issue through the experiences of local delivery drivers across Southeast Asia.

The region is also facing international pressure into tackling the ongoing power game between China and the U.S. over their influence on ASEAN. Vietnam’s relationship with major powers seems to be threatened by the growing geopolitical tension between these two powers. Doctoral researcher Hien Phan analysed the ASEAN’s role in shaping Vietnam’s political and economic interests in major powers across the region. 

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