Season’s greetings

As we enter the penultimate week of a pretty hellish year, over here at the Globe we’re taking some time to wind down and reflect on a not-too-unsuccessful year from a journalism and business perspective. But while things are inevitably a little slower this time of year, we’re still bringing you stories from across Southeast Asia, including a group trying to tackle ultra-clean Singapore’s surprising plastic problem, while Govi Snell in Ho Chi Minh city takes a look at Vietnam's motorcycle helmet issue. Enjoy!

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December 26, 2020
Season’s greetings

Power to the people? Cambodia’s Lower Sesan II Dam, two years on

The Lower Sesan II Dam has left an enduring mark on the land and people who live near it in far-north Stung Treng, Cambodia. This analysis from researcher Horn Chanvoitey gets to the heart of the ongoing legacy of the dam.

As Singapore’s shores become garbage magnet, group leads the clean-up

Despite major media coverage, plastics pollution in Southeast Asia is an issue that just won’t quit. Globe contributor Toh Ee Ming brought us this dispatch from groups in Singapore that have had enough with ocean plastic.  

What will India’s withdrawal from the RCEP mean for Southeast Asia?

The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership is one of the biggest trade deals shaping modern Asia. So why did India pull out? Analyst Jennifer Chance breaks it down for us here.

Who should train the next generation of Cambodian workers?

I wrote this one through our partnership with the UN Development Programme. Cambodia’s workforce faces a nagging skills gap that threatens to stunt the country’s booming economic growth. Private sector actors are getting the call to step up for skills training — will they follow it?

What’s the danger with Vietnam’s motorcycle helmets?

Most moto riders in Vietnam reliably wear a helmet nowadays, but that hardly guarantees safety. Really interesting feature here from new Globe contributor Govi Snell in Ho Chi Minh City, who looked at the latest research on road safety — or lack thereof — in Vietnam.

[Photos] An idyllic slice of 1957 Cambodian life

Pre-war and genocide, the 1950s was a time of great hope and aspiration in Cambodia. This collection of photos, taken by LIFE Magazine photographer John Dominis in 1957, captures that time in the Kingdom’s history.

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