Thailand’s fight for democracy

A new week, and Professor Mark S. Cogan joins us again for his bi-monthly piece of analysis breaking down the ins and outs of Thai contemporary politics – this week it’s corruption in the kingdom. Globe reporter in Bangkok Wanpen Pajai also turns her hand to the country’s upcoming regional elections, the first chance for Thais to head to the polls since the pro-democracy movement exploded earlier this year. The results will offer a powerful gauge of the kingdom’s mood

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December 19, 2020
Thailand’s fight for democracy

In Thailand, provincial elections set to bring back local democracy

Globe reporter Wanpen Pajai took us on a deep dive of Thailand’s upcoming provincial elections, the first for voters since the 2014 coup d’etat. The 20 December contest could be a vital measure of how the Bangkok protest movement is being seen outside the capital, so give this article a read to learn more.

The Wait: Podcast spotlights the struggles of refugees in Indonesia

Really insightful media coverage here. A new podcast launchd by an Australian producer and a refugee-turned-advocate is bringing the voices of asylum-seekers stuck in Indonesia to listeners around the world. 

Cambodian education in the time of Covid: Ripping up the textbook

With limited resources and great responsibility, how can teachers in Cambodia hold class in the era of social distancing? As Globe reporter Alexi Demetriadi found for this partner piece, our latest with the education organisation Caring for Cambodia, schools are pushing to adapt to pandemic conditions in some expected ways.

Corruption should be the issue that binds Thailand together

In a divided Thailand, corruption may be the one major issue to drive unity. Regular Globe contributor and associate professor Mark S. Cogan makes the case for that here.

Putting migrant workers at the heart of Covid-19 recovery

Migrant workers are a vital part of the Cambodian economy — and, for that matter, economies around the world. In this guest editorial, Kristin Parco, chief of mission for the International Organization for Migration in Cambodia, and Graeme Buckley of the International Labour Organization, team up to speak out for a migration-conscious pandemic response.

[Photos] Ancient Angkor as seen through the decades

On December 14, 1992 – after miraculously surviving decades of war, strife and looting – Angkor Wat was officially listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here, we’ve scoured through the pictorial archives to uncover some of ancient monuments more iconic moments.

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