Looking towards Southeast Asia’s future- public education, identity, and cannabis

In Cambodia, the public school system looks to make up for Covid learning losses, and communities who have lived on the river for generations make the difficult choice to return to the land. Meanwhile, Thailand’s difficulties with cannabis laws demonstrate that countries should look elsewhere when drafting their own regulations

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April 15, 2023
Looking towards Southeast Asia’s future- public education, identity, and cannabis

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We started off this week with an examination of Thailand’s current struggles with cannabis decriminalisation and regulation, and the lessons other Southeast Asian countries can apply when determining their own laws. We also took a look at public education in Cambodia, how to make up for learning losses suffered during the pandemic, and what the system needs for a successful future. Then, we wrapped up the week with an exploration of Cham ethnic identity in Cambodia.  

Our editor-in-chief Andrew Haffner got a behind-the-scenes insight into Daniel’s story when they sat down to talk about the reporting process in an exclusive interview with Globe contributor Daniel Zak.

That’s all for now. Enjoy this week’s features and have a wonderful weekend! 

The Anakut podcast: Public Education in Cambodia

With Globe‘s Andrew Haffner

After losing 250 school days to Covid, the Cambodian public school system has a long way to go to make up for learning losses and support students both inside and outside of the classroom.

Cambodia’s Cham fishers look for new lives on land

Daniel Zak

While some Cham have chosen to join Khmer communities on land, many others have been forced from the water as a result of economic pressures and dwindling fish populations.

Behind the scenes: Cham fishers going to land

Globe‘s Andrew Haffner

We went behind the scenes and shared insights from the on-the-ground reporting process in this one-on-one interview with Globe contributor Daniel Zak.

Why ASEAN countries should not look at Thailand for legalising medical cannabis

Kevin Zhang and Siti Suhaila Harith

It’s not been smooth sailing when it comes to the Kingdom’s cannabis decriminalisation. Interested countries should look West when it comes to policy-making.

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