Hardship and love

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September 14, 2020
Hardship and love

Development vs tradition: SEZ risks fishing village in Thailand’s Deep South

Prosperity for peace? Globe reporter Wanpen Pajai traveled to Sakom, a village in the Chana district of Thailand’s Deep South, to speak with residents there about the possible effects of a new special economic zone that could bring new benefits at the expense of their traditional way of life.

For Rohingya politicians, Myanmar’s election lies increasingly out of reach

Myanmar is readying for election, but would-be candidates from the Rohingya ethnic minority are finding their voices already silenced long before the ballots are cast. We spoke with politicians barred from competing in the conflict-broiled Rakhine State to hear their frustrations with a process they say is stacked against them from the start.

Playing with pride: Meet Cambodia’s oldest LGBT women’s football team

Globe reporter Alexi Demetriadi spoke with members of the Kampong Chhnang Women’s Under-21s football team. Their victories are more than just on the pitch — this programme accepts girls of any sexual orientation and gender identification, requiring only a love of the game.

How colonial prisons gave life to a communist revolution in Vietnam

At the start of every rebellion, a prison. That’s what reporter Ashley Lampard finds in his reporting from Hanoi and the shifting legacy of the infamous Hoa Lo prison there. In exploring the history of the place known as the ‘Fiery Furnace’ by Vietnamese prisoners during the French colonial era, Ashley uncovered the story of Hoang Thi Lien, who was just 14 years old when imprisoned at Hoa Lo in 1945 by colonial authorities. Click to read more about one ordinary woman’s experience in the belly of the beast.

Art reflecting life: The boundary-pushing work of Thai artist Baphoboy

Through sex, violence and biting political commentary, the figures of Thai artist Baphoboy’s work are always wearing a smile. Wanpen Pajai caught up with the Instagram-famous Baphoboy to learn what inspires his grim, brightly hued scenes and to get his take on Thailand’s ongoing political upheaval.

Not just young brides: Education and women’s empowerment in Laos

With few opportunities for education, writes contributor Christine Redmond, girls and women in Laos often have few prospects but to marry young and start a family. As one piece of our partnership series with educational organisation Aide et Action, Christine shared with us some vital perspective from Laos.

[Photos] 15 shots of sleek, clean and stylish 1960s Manila

Today, Manila is a sprawling metropolis largely dominated by anonymous high-rise condominium blocks, shopping malls and traffic-clogged highways. But back in the 1960s, more evident was a clean, sleek and modernising city displaying an abundance of character

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