Prudential Cambodia's guide to keeping fit… at your desk

Just because you’re office-based now doesn’t mean you can't stay fit and alert. Try these five top tips to stay in shape at work. Brought to you by Prudential Cambodia

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May 6, 2016

Just because you’re office-based now doesn’t mean you can’t stay fit and alert. Try these five top tips to stay in shape at work. Brought to you by Prudential Cambodia

As more and more people’s working lives revolve around an office, we are becoming increasingly likely to lead sedentary lives. And, unfortunately, walking to the shop to buy a Coca-Cola and an ice cream does not count as exercise. The good news is that we can all take steps to keep ourselves fitter and healthier even while sitting at our desk. Being in good shape physically and mentally not only helps with productivity and stress, it will also save money in the long-term in the form of lower healthcare cambodia

Chair squats

A quick trick to sculpt an impeccable posterior is to spend a couple of minutes each day performing this slightly bizarre-looking but very effective exercise. Simply stand up about 15cm in front of your work chair, and then lower yourself slowly until your bottom touches the edge. At that point, rise back up and feel that lovely burn in your glutes. Repeat in sets of ten.

Foot alphabet

As long as you remembered to put on fresh socks in the morning, this is a great desk-based exercise for strengthening ankles, improving flexibility and stretching your Achilles tendon. Slip off your shoes and raise one foot off the floor. Then use your big toe to write the alphabet in the air, being sure to spread and curl your toes as you do so. It feels great and is a great way to brush up on your English, or Khmer, skills too. Repeat three times a day on each foot.

The book press

Remember that 800-page book about accounting software that your boss asked you to read? Well, it’s time to dig it out of your desk drawer and put it to good use. Simply take the heaviest book in your office and hold it, suspended behind your head. Then extend your arms upwards so that they’re straight, before lowering the book behind your head again. Say goodbye to flabby arms by repeating this 20 times a day.

Manage stress

Sometimes the most important steps to wellbeing don’t involve any physical exertion at all. We’re all working in fast-paced environments in Phnom Penh and beyond, so it’s important to find time for yourself as well as giving your boss everything at work. Find something that relaxes you, whether it’s reading a book, enjoying yoga or meditation, hanging out with your kids or even just going for a long walk – then take the advice of sportswear giants Nike and ‘just do it’.

Water and sun

Finally, a killer (as in good) combo for keeping yourself fighting fresh in the workplace is to drink plenty of water and take regular breaks outside. Staying hydrated keeps you alert, boosts energy levels and helps you think clearly. And never be shy to take five minutes away from your desk for a quick walk on the street outside your office – those few minutes will reinvigorate you, keep you alert, allow you to clear your head and provide a much-needed dose of vitamin  D. 

This information is not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.
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