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April 3, 2020
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On the tail of a virus

In Phnom Penh, US researchers have teamed up with the Pasteur Institute to conduct vital work tracking the spread and mutation of Covid-19. Their research has placed Cambodia at the heart of Southeast Asia’s efforts to stem the spread of the disease and find a cure.

The state of being

A holder of various international awards for social and environmental activism, Tuenjai Deetes has dedicated her life to eliminating statelessness in Thailand, fighting for the citizenship rights of the country’s remote northern hill tribes for four decades.

Tales of the Pandemic series: Evicted from Harvard, returning to Singapore

Singaporean Yong Han Poh called Harvard University home for the past four years. But when the global pandemic hit, it all came to an abrupt end, with her forced to pack her life up and leave for good virtually overnight.

Running down the clock

If March felt like the longest month of your life, you’re not alone. Duke University Professor Adrian Bejan explains how our perceptions of time can be warped in times of crises, like global pandemics.

Breaking up the boys’ club

Finance has long been a boys’ club, with Singapore no different. Today, FinTech offers more women a way in, but there remains a lack of diversity at its highest levels. Here, two of Singapore’s most successful female financial figures offer their reflections on the sector

Jan Egeland: Humanitarian work must adapt to dangers of Covid-19

Jan Egeland has been Secretary General of humanitarian group the Norwegian Refugee Council since 2013, overseeing projects in more than 30 countries globally. He spoke with the Globe this week about how Covid-19 has, overnight, dramatically changed the way the industry works with refugees and the displaced.

As Coronavirus takes hold, vital health programmes suffer in the Philippines

As large swathes of the Philippines go into complete lockdown due to Covid-19, vital life-saving healthcare programmes for polio, measles and HIV are suffering across the country.

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