For each challenge, there is a win

Malaysia snap election, energy projects and environment, human rights archive, Thai publishing house on Chinese politics, Cambodia’s cultural city.

December 17, 2022
For each challenge, there is a win

Happy Saturday Globe readers,

This week’s articles feature a special focus on Malaysia’s challenges, going from politics to human rights to sustainable energy, while a Thai publishing house wins the right to free information and Cambodian cultural city Siem Reap searches for the key to liveability.

A political tornado once again hits Malaysia. In the latest snap election, the country welcomed its first-ever hung parliament and its fourth prime minister in four years. Stephanie Wild dives into a potential link between the ongoing political instability and ethnic tensions in Malaysia’s society. 

But political challenges are not Malaysia’s only concern. As the country relies on electricity production for its economic growth, big corporations often neglect the harm of sustainable energy production on indigenous communities. Qayyimah Al-Zelzy analyses the high human and environmental costs of sustainable energy projects on the local population.

Meanwhile, the country launched its first human rights film archive aimed at preserving and promoting the long history of grassroots movements in Malaysia and across the region. Globe contributor Jack Brook reports the inauguration of the archive and how the project came together throughout the years. 

Another success in terms of human rights came about in Thailand, where a Thai publishing house rejected an abundant financial offer to shut down, as the Chinese regime would not approve of the books published. Jimmy Buchanan writes about the journey of a Thai student activist who rejected thousands of dollars to ensure free access to books on the Hong Kong protests, Taiwan, and Uyghurs in Xinjiang.

Last but not least, Cambodia can call it a win as its cultural capital Siem Reap seems to have found the key to a healthy livelihood. Ses Aronsakda explores how enhancing the quality of public spaces and promoting human connectivity are keys to turning cities into more “liveable” places.

That’s all from this week’s Globe’s features. Enjoy the read and have a fantastic weekend.

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