Demining Cambodia, real estate megaprojects and a baby elephant

Cambodian farmers struggle as their properties are cleared of buried explosives, dubious megaprojects proliferate in Cambodia and a baby elephant’s birth signals the need for further conservation

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April 30, 2022
Demining Cambodia, real estate megaprojects and a baby elephant

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This week we lead with the first article of an excellent three-part series by Anton L. Delgado, who documented Cambodia’s efforts to become free of landmines by 2025. Even on demined land, farmers struggle to access infrastructure and improve their livelihoods as they bear the economic and physical consequences of life surrounded by buried explosives.

Another hazard afflicting Cambodia is the proliferation of real estate megaprojects, many of which fail to materialise but empty the pockets of investors, Fiona Kelliher reported. She spoke with Denis Cokovic, recently released from prison and touting a $600 billion smart city he insists is not a scam, to the shock of many real estate professionals. Experts said the proposed project is one example highlighting the perils of a loosely regulated industry.

In the forests of Cambodia’s northeastern Mondulkiri province, the birth of a baby elephant named Diamond highlighted the precarity of the Kingdom’s elephant population, Jack Brook reported. With captive breeding deemed unrealistic by many experts, conservationists have called for further protection of the country’s remaining elephant habitats to allow the wild population to rebound.

Far from those jungles, Singapore’s nightlife scene has started to revive after the government lifted most Covid-19 restrictions in April and patrons flocked to clubs, Ashley Hui Yin Tan reported. Updated regulations have the potential to dampen the vibe, although performers and industry insiders are unsure how closely protocols like indoor masks will be followed as the party resumes.

In honour of the annual celebration of Earth Day, Globe shared a 2016 interview with renowned environmentalist and broadcaster David Attenborough. The naturalist best known through his televised documentaries discussed his philosophy of travel, the challenges of climate action and how we are all implicated in Earth’s destruction.

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