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Corruption remains one of the most pressing issues confronting Cambodia today: it weakens the country’s governance system, undermines rule of law, decelerates private sector development, and hinders people’s fair and equal access to social and economic growth.

While Cambodia has made some progress in addressing corruption in recent years, particularly in sub-national public service delivery and public financial management, key structural and systematic reforms that aim to combat grand and political corruption and strengthen the rule of law are deemed to have not gone far enough.

Transparency International Cambodia works in partnership with Southeast Asia Globe to accentuate issues along with practical solutions concerning good governance and anti-corruption in Cambodia.

About Transparency International Cambodia

Transparency International Cambodia (TI Cambodia) is a National Chapter of Transparency International, the global civil society organisation leading the fight against corruption in over 100 countries. TI Cambodia envisions a better Cambodia, which is free of corruption, where the rule of law is strongly upheld and people enjoy sustainable development and a quality of life. Its mission is to work together with individuals and institutions at all levels from the government, private sector, media and civil society organisations to promote integrity and reduce corruption in the country. Key programmes of TI Cambodia have been focusing on 1) Public Sector Engagement and Coalition Building, 2) Women and Youth Empowerment, 3) Business Integrity and Sustainable Mining, 4) Governance Foundation and Capacity Strengthening, and 5) Research and Business Development.

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