Pacific Forum

Based in Honolulu, the Pacific Forum is a foreign policy research institute focused on the Asia-Pacific Region. Founded in 1975, the Pacific Forum collaborates with a broad network of research institutes from around the Pacific Rim, drawing on Asian perspectives and disseminating project findings and recommendations to global leaders, governments, and members of the public throughout the region. The Forum’s programs encompass current and emerging political, security, economic, maritime, and technology policy issues, and works to help stimulate cooperative policies through rigorous research, analyses and dialogues.

The Young Leaders Program was established in 2004 to build cross-cultural experiences for young scholars and foreign policy professionals to improve policy analysis skills early in their careers. The program affords Young Leaders an unparalleled opportunity to network, observe the foreign-policy making process and voice their generation’s viewpoints within elite circles of policy specialists. They also get a chance to develop their own perspective and gain a deeper understanding of conflicts and issues in the Asia-Pacific region, all while learning how experts and leaders deal with these problems.


US-Japan Cybersecurity Cooperation: Beyond the Tokyo 2020 Olympics

As the anchor of stability in the Indo-Pacific region, the US-Japan alliance faces enormous challenges and opportunities to revisit, review, and reinvigorate existing approaches in cybersecurity cooperation. The two countries face an ever-changing cyber threat environment, especially with the advent of disruptive technologies like artificial intelligence, big data, and cloud computing against the backdrop of deteriorating global internet consensus Read More

Survive and prosper: Huawei’s quest for self-reliance

Publicly Huawei has expressed that their priority remains survival following severe restrictions placed on the Chinese giant by the US leadership. But a pivot towards recruiting Taiwanese talent reveals their greater ambition – prospering through self-reliance Read More

The balancing act: How Vietnam should manage the superpowers

For decades, Vietnam has been a geopolitically significant theatre of competition for the superpowers. Today, leaders in Hanoi must navigate and leverage the competing interests of China, the US and Russia to protect its citizens, national integrity and economy Read More

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