A slice of history

This week, the Globe marks two significant dates in Vietnamese and Cambodian history. On April 29 1970, US and South Vietnamese troops entered Cambodia to fight the Viet Cong, a campaign that would ultimately result in a significant political victory for growing maoist rebels the Khmer Rouge. April 30 1975 would also see Saigon fall to North Vietnam, with South Vietnam's government surrendering unconditionally, ending the war. As ever, we're also calling for submissions for our Tales of the Pandemic series looking at how life has been impacted across the region due to Covid-19. Get in touch with your personal essay!

April 27, 2020
A slice of history

A homage to the photojournalists lost to decades of war in Vietnam

April 29 marked 50 years since the Cambodian Campaign began, bringing combat to the Kingdom during the US-Vietnam War. Marking the date, we returned to one of our most read stories of 2008, a profile on book Requiem, serving as a tribute to the 135 photojournalists from all sides of the conflict who lost their lives during decades of conflict in Vietnam.

‘Government support for workers during Covid-19 insufficient’

With the halt of global tourism, and the mass cancellation of orders from the West, the global pandemic has hit the Cambodian economy especially hard. While the government has instituted support measures for workers, Cambodian labour rights organisation CENTRAL marks Labour Day 2020 with the message that it’s not nearly enough. 

Reflecting on society as Singapore embraces “circuit breaker” mode

Last week Singapore announced it was extending “circuit breaker” measures, severely restricting movement to stem the spread of Covid-19. Resident Gabrielle See describes how these measures, and the pandemic, have highlighted divisions in her family home, as well as Singaporean society more widely.

Cambodian rum distillery puts hand sanitiser on the menu

With the price of hand sanitiser skyrocketing since the pandemic, Phnom Penh’s Samai Distillery has thought outside the box to help the local community by producing affordable bottles of cleansing alcohol using leftovers from rum production.

Remembering the Fall of Saigon, 45 years on

April 30 marked 45 years since communist troops entered the city of Saigon, reuniting North and South Vietnam. Eye witness accounts from that day paint a picture of the scenes in what became Ho Chi Minh City, as Vietnam finally found peace after three decades.

Hunkering down in tourist-free Siem Reap

Cambodia’s Siem Reap thrives and survives on its tourist industry, with millions flocking to the ancient Angkor Wat temple each year. But as Covid-19 halts global travel, writer Jonathan Evans describes life minus the tourists in this once-again sleepy little town.

As the pandemic takes hold, Singapore’s mental health suffers

While attempts to stem the spread of Covid-19 have led to the shutdown of virtually all economic and social activity in Singapore, life grinding to a halt in the city-state is giving rise to a different public health issue: poor mental health.

To best cover and share such a far-reaching and comprehensive story, we plan to produce a multi-feature series on the state of work in Cambodia driven by on-the-ground reporting and high quality photography. But this type of project is expensive; it involves travel and accommodation, photos and fixers. For this series, we have budgeted nearly $5,000 to cover the work of a team of Khmer and English-language workers dedicated to getting this right.

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