A rainbow month

From lost political hopes to LGBT+ rights to community radio

July 1, 2023
A rainbow month

Hello readers,

Happy Friday, everyone. This year’s Pride month has just come to an end. And to celebrate it, the Globe spoke to Lao LGBT+ rights advocate Anan Bouapha about progress in the country over the past decade.

With the end of the month also comes your last chance to take advantage of our mid-year sale, where you can get an annual membership for only half the price and gain access to all of our stories. We’re an independent publication and your support allows us to continue our work, so a huge thank you from us all in advance. 

June seemed to be a very eventful month. Its last days also marked the first anniversary of Ferdinand Marcos Jr.’s presidency of the Philippines. However, speaking of rights, this past year under his rule wasn’t as fruitful as hoped for by some during the 2022 election campaign. Marcos Jr. had promised to take a new approach to the ‘war on drugs’ that cost the lives of thousands of Filipinos between 2016 and 2022 under the Duterte regime, but no concrete steps have reportedly been taken since then.

On a lighter note, this week we wrote about how radio stations across Southeast Asia are giving voice to local youths to reach out to their peers. Community radio is “by the people and for the people”, with volunteer stations using a ‘do-it-yourself’ approach to share their art while learning from each another.

That’s all for today, may you have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the features!



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