Wing: Leading the charge on financial inclusion in Cambodia

Wing provides consumers of all ages and backgrounds with easy-to-use mobile banking solutions – without ever needing to enter a bank

August 20, 2018
Wing: Leading the charge on financial inclusion in Cambodia

As the last of the sun’s rays set over Phnom Penh’s Royal Palace, Ratanak sits patiently in his red tuktuk, hoping to catch a fare from some of the tourists spilling out of the palace grounds. He has been working as a driver in Cambodia’s capital city for the last decade, saving money to send home to his family in Kampong Speu Province.

Like much of the country’s population, Ratanak doesn’t have a bank account because of the complications in setting one up. Ten years ago he regularly had to make the 75km journey back to his home village by himself just to give his family some money. Then he discovered Wing.

Since then he has been using a Wing agent to send money home, with his family receiving it in just a couple of minutes. But recently, Ratanak made another discovery.

He pulls out his phone and opens up the Wing app that he downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. “Now I can do everything from my phone,” he says. “Not only send money back to my family, but so many other things too. It has changed my life,” he adds.

Wing has been operating in Cambodia since 2009, and it is exactly people like Ratanak that inspire the company’s ideology of financial inclusion for everyone.

“By providing services right on their doorstep, customers can easily access financial services without having to spend loads of time and resource on travelling, and with Wing it is easy, fast and convenient,” Wing’s chief executive officer Jojo Malolos says.

With more than 3 million active users processing money through the mobile app, Wing is now a part of many people’s lifestyle.

Through the cleverly designed Wing application, customers can have access to a wide range of mobile banking options. They can use the app to send money, top up their phones, pay bills and, with WingPay, they can pay for their morning coffee, their tuk tuk ride to work and even top up their favourite Mobile Legends game, all with just a few taps on their phones.

The services are also highly beneficial for students, as they can have the option to pay their fees through the mobile app or existing agents nationwide.

“Wing has listened to what our customers want; innovative products that are easy, instant and accessible for all,” Malolos says.

“For instance, our Online Mastercard offers flexibility and simplicity while opening doors to new experiences in Cambodia and beyond for our all customers. We believe it is transforming the way our customers shop,” he adds.

For Ratanak and millions of other people across Cambodia, Wing is a vital part of everyday life, with its services making mobile banking more accessible and their lives easier.

“We believe that every Cambodian should have easy access to mobile financial services,” Malolos says.

“Wing can help them grow personally, regardless of either their income or the status they own in this society.”

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