Will the Thai monarchy survive?

As the monarchy rocks under growing pressure for reform in Thailand, professor Mark S. Cogan puts bold thoughts to page, penning another piece of analysis for us in which he asks a once unthinkable question – will the kingdom’s royal institution survive? We also cover the flooding that has decimated communities across the region, first covering the Cambodians living under water in a photo-led piece, before the Globe’s reporter in Hanoi, Ashley Lampard, gives us a comprehensive run-down of why Vietnam is experiencing its worst flooding for decades

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November 7, 2020
Will the Thai monarchy survive?

Can the monarchy survive the Thai Spring?

The question may be provocative to some but it’s on the minds of many as a roiling Thailand increasingly scrutinises its flamboyant king. Another sharp analysis from Mark S. Cogan, associate professor of Peace and Conflict Studies at Kansai Gaidai University in Japan.

Camus in Khmer: The publisher translating classic literature for Cambodia

A nice thought-provoker here from Globe reporter Alexi Demetriadi. It’s seldom that literary works from abroad are published in Khmer, leaving many in Cambodia without access to major titles. This local publishing house is aiming to change that, and they’re blazing ahead with the works of French Existentialist Albert Camus.

Anakut episode 5: Leapfrogging and the future of work in Cambodia

If you’ve read enough and just need some audio salve, look no further than this. On this Globe podcast, our noble hosts (also known as myself and Meng) bring on guests to talk about some of the biggest topics in Cambodia. This week, we got down to leapfrogging into the future. I personally really like this episode, so give it a listen — if not for you, then for me. I’ve had a long week!

Is Cambodia’s turn to coal power further risking its fragile economy?

Cambodia’s recent turn to coal-fired energy has raised eyebrows among investors, with global brands in particular reluctant to operate using dirty power. But for those in the renewables sector, there are still plenty of reasons for the Kingdom to look on the bright side.

As the tides rise with Vietnam’s flooding, how did we get here?

It happens every year. It’s normal, to an extent, for the communities impacted. But this year’s record-breaking floods in Vietnam are different, with the devastating effects of decades of environmental mismanagement beginning to show.

[Photos] The Cambodian communities living under water

Recent weeks have seen some of the worst flooding in Cambodia for decades, leaving communities across the Kingdom submerged. What has resulted has been death and injury, displaced households, and major interruptions to the education of young students.

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