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The nature of good design

Advertorial: For better living, Galaxy Residence makes the most of Mother Earth’s gifts

Southeast Asia Globe editorial
April 2, 2014

Advertorial: For better living, Galaxy Residence makes the most of Mother Earth’s gifts

In developing countries such as Cambodia, to ‘go green’ is complicated and expensive. However, it is possible to incorporate certain elements of sustainable architecture through passive design by making use of what is already freed to us – natural sunlight and wind. For architects, it is important to understand the movements of the sun and how it will interact with a building. The goal is to allow natural light into the space without having it heat up through the building’s envelope. This can be achieved through many methods, including incorporating large building overhang or by utilising louvre systems that filter out direct sunlight. Through understanding the characteristics of wind flow, the inlet and outlet of air can be designed to its best potential. Other passive design methods include reducing the amount of hardscape by maximising the building’s surrounding landscape and planting natural vegetation. Good design achieves multiple objectives; Re-Edge’s Galaxy Residence takes advantage of indirect sunlight, filtering it through the north facing façade into the interior spaces and at the same time maximising the views of its natural surroundings.
By Hun Chansan, architect/design director, Re-Edge Architecture + Design

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