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“Sportsmanship does not only exist in the playing field, but in everyday aspects of life”

True opens a new perspective “EPL Passion Makes Connection by TrueSports”

True Corporation
October 25, 2019

True Group believes that sportsmanship is inside everyone. Sports is not only a form of exercise; it’s not just a match on a football field or tournament in a boxing ring, nor a competition on a racing track, but it could also help in developing creative perspectives and perceptions in our daily lives and how we interact in society. True would like to present the value of sportsmanship from various viewpoints through its new advertisement campaign, “EPLPassion Makes Connection by TrueSports”that expresses the meaning of sports and watching the True English Premier League from different perspectives. English Premier League is the number 1 sports content program with the highest number of audiences in the world and the most popular among Thai fans where True Group has the exclusive broadcast rights for 3 years. We regard sports not only as ‘entertainment form’ but also ‘social betterment’ cultivation. We strive to be a responsible ‘Telco brand’ that brings TRUE value to the nation and people in all walk of life.  Sports can bring people together under various circumstances and emotions including recreation, shared dreams, unity, sorrow, and friendship, all of which could happen to everyone from children, adults, and to the elderly, both men and women alike. Moreover, sports can help with the development of learning processes and refine one’s mind to strengthen relationships with each one another in families and society.

This advertisement campaign emphasizes True Group’s conceptthat values the importance of every sport by constantly offering the best local and international live sports content for Thai audiences and supporting Thai athletes to create inspiration and passion under the “EPL Passion Makes Connection by TrueSports”concept, particularly football which is the world’s most popular sport. This was the reason True decided to choose the impressive real events from English Premier League matches as the cornerstone to express positive perception that ‘sports’ can bring ‘value’ for everyone in society. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if sports could go beyond the field and touch our everyday lives in different ways?

The duration of the EPL Passion Makes Connection by TrueSportsadvertisement is 2.30 minutes in the full version and the director’s cut version is 90 seconds.  

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