Southeast Asia in black and white

Plus, urgent need for stronger climate mitigation strategies in the region in light of extreme heat and climate change.

June 10, 2023
Southeast Asia in black and white

Hello Globe readers,

Another week came to an end and I hope that it was a good one for everybody. Before diving into the features, I’d like to remind you about our special mid-year deal. From 1 June to 1 July, you can subscribe to our annual membership for just half the price and get access to our stories. We’re an independent publication and your support is our strongest pillar, so a huge thank you from us all in advance.

Now, to the features. I should mention that we spent much of this week working on some longer-term reporting projects that you should be seeing in the coming weeks and months. As such, we ended up a little light for dailies — next week you’ll be receiving a much fuller roster. But in our latest, the Globe spoke with publisher Suridh “Shaz” Das-Hassan from Soi Books about their upcoming journal Plaza, which features street photography from around the region. There are some great photos in this one from Southeast Asian photographers documenting their societies, so check it out.

In the meantime, the extreme heat in the region hasn’t gotten any better. To mark World Environment Day this week, we featured an analysis by economist Vinod Thomas, a former director general of the Asia Development Bank. Thomas has recently authored a book titled Risk and Resilience in the Era of Climate Change and shared some insights with us about the urgent need for stronger climate mitigation strategies for the region.

That’s all for this week, may you have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the features!



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