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Teaser from Samanea: Resilience Against COVID in Yangon and Beyond

In spite of COVID surges and political turbulence, Samanea has never been stalled on its pace to attract businesses, if not any faster

November 25, 2021
Teaser from Samanea: Resilience Against COVID in Yangon and Beyond
Samanea Yangon market

It has always been the magnificent vision of Samanea, since day one, to cultivate a trading services platform of Asia, to foster small Asian businesses by channeling, marketing and selling their competitive products across borders, and ultimately, to fight for a better life for Asian people as a whole. And she is not just simply saying that, as 4 physical Samanea Markets have been opened since the pandemic outbreak, in Yangon, Myanmar; Phnom Penh, Cambodia; Jakarta, Indonesia; and Bangkok, Thailand.

As 2021 draws to a close, Samanea Yangon Market, as the forerunner of all, is drawing up its year-end sales campaign in the upcoming December with zeal. Celebrating Christmas and New Year festivals, Samanea Yangon Market will host miscellaneous events like gourmet carnival, auto show, and most importantly, sales promotion, that last for as long as an entire month.

Festival thematic decoration, together with influencer marketing, is one of Samanea  Yangon Market’s main appeals in this year’s sales campaign, as it makes a perfect social media shot on the occasion. Many of the local online influencers are being invited to the event, with many more of them eager to attend. There will be a couple of them doing time-limited sec-killing during the live streaming every week throughout December.

In addition, lucky draws, “pass through” activities, giveaways, etc., will also be elevated during the holiday to attract consumers of different ages, or with different interests. For those looking for spending the holiday relaxing somewhere in Yangon city nicely, being either a family, a couple, or a group of friends, Samanea Yangon Market pairs its unique festival decoration with all sorts of hot options for shopping, dining and leisure, making it definitely a conspicuous place to check out.

Anchored in this exhilarating event is the mighty stationing of the four lead sections – Home Appliances, Building Materials, Household Goods, and Goods Yiwu, which recently have all successfully moved in and started to operate in Samanea Yangon, Phnom Penh, Jakarta, and Bangkok Markets on the trot. Notably, with these four lead sections running over two hundreds stores in each of the city, collectively there will be a thousand of them in total in the Southeast Asia region, which in turn further benefits the local consumers – the entire world is within their reach, as they will now have access to an abundance of specialty goods of a pluralism of brands from around the globe, from daily necessities, clothing, footwear, to digital home appliances, hardware tools, and industrial electrical appliances.

Looking ahead, Samanea sets out to implement more facilities and incentives to attract investment, not just in the Southeast Asia but throughout Asia. The Household Goods section sets the epitome of her business roadmap. Particularly, by setting up a professional procurement department in Yiwu, China, the global sourcing destination of household goods, it is able to integrate the resources of over a hundred thousand suppliers with good reputation, and leverage Yiwu’s advanced cross-border logistics system to help Samanea Markets form the trade pattern of “Made in Asia for Asia”. To boot, Household Goods also cohesively seizes the “Internet Plus”opportunity by establishing online platforms and stores, making all businesses close at hand, while with better quality, lower price, and newer models.

The way that Samanea helps small businesses is far more than just being confined as above, as shopfronts of various locations and sizes have been built to cater for the different needs of business owners, as well as different business models being offered – to name just a few – thirdpartner (abbr. TP), where Samanea will provide the business owner with her own professional staff to help run the daily operation; and long-term exhibition, where the business owner will now have the option to rent just a few racks to demonstrate his or her sampling goods to attract potential clients for further business discussions, but without the need to mind a full-length shopfront.

Samanea believes she will be able to strike a balance between the growing urban middle class and conservative villages, paving the way for a better future of Asia just as her name infers – a more united, thriving Asia.

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