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Samanea Jakarta: An ‘Instagrammable’ one-stop shopping experience

Indonesia’s first container market, Phase I of Samanea Jakarta provides an ‘instagrammable’ retail experience

While we have finally closed the book on 2020, the effects of the pandemic continue to impact global trade, and Indonesia is no exception. However, as vaccines are rolled out and mass inoculation campaigns gain momentum, hope is on the horizon in 2021. With plans to provide the Chinese CoronaVac to 181.5 million people in 15 months and the IMF expecting Indonesia’s economy to expand by 4.8% this year and 6% in 2022, the outlook is promising.

Weathering the Covid storm with an eye to the future is Samanea, a development firm based out of Singapore that runs trade-centers across Asia and has recently brought its unique services and support to businesses – both local and international – operating in Jakarta.

Strategically located in New Tangerang City, Samanea Jakarta is a 200,000 square meter commercial park centered around a wholesale and retail market. Only 42 km from Soekarno-Hatta International Airport and 40 km from Jakarta’s central business district, the market is easily accessible to the economic, travel, and residential hubs in the area and designed to cater to the city’s unique consumer needs.

The 96,000 square meter, multi-colored container market is the first of its kind in the country and delivers a vibrant and “instagrammable” experience to visitors.

With the expansion of Jakarta’s middle class, a growing number of young Indonesians with spending power, and a gap in the furniture and home appliance industries, Phase I of the Jakarta Market opened in August 2020. It is focused primarily on these items, filling this space in the country’s market. Home to 403 shopfronts, the trade-center also provides for the country’s strong construction sector, with a range of building materials and electrical equipment available.

Set to roll out this year, Phase II of the project will see a comprehensive shopping mall offering patrons retail and wholesale stores across a wide variety of goods and products within a single, innovative location. Along with these consumer-focused offerings, tenant warehouses, a business hotel, apartments, office space, and a Convention and Exhibition Centre will create a cohesive environment where everything from cross-border shipping to staff accommodation is available to clients at the drop of a hat.

A bird’s eye view of Samanea Jakarta, complete with business hotel, tenant warehouses and the Phase II Shopping Mall

Balanced on the cutting edge of commerce solutions, the Singapore firm also fully understands the importance of technology in the modern business world. Along with the brick-and-mortar shops and analog support, Samanea also offers a suite of digital solutions, ranging from online showrooms to services connecting customers around the globe, ensuring clients don’t get left behind in the fast-paced world of eCommerce.

But Samanea Jarkata offers more than just a one-stop location for Jakarta’s consumers and the latest in logistics services to its clients. The 96,000 square meter, multi-colored container market is the first of its kind in the country and delivers a vibrant and “instagrammable” experience to visitors.

For those looking to spend a day relaxing outside of the capital, Samanea Jakarta pairs its unique design with popular options for dining and leisure. Mulia Coffenary has made a name for itself with world-class coffee and its second-floor location offers panoramic views of the entire market. Visitors can even catch some live music and enjoy a meal and a beer at the popular Hard2Stop beer house and restaurant.

After dark: offering food, drinks, and entertainment, Samanea Jakarta is more than just a retail space

Finally, for the tech-savvy, the smart home brand Bardi will open its first offline store at Samanea Jakarta, offering a glimpse of the future and showcasing the latest in home automation technology.

Moving forward, Samanea’s entrance into the Indonesian market serves as evidence of the resilience of the country’s economy in the face of a global pandemic. In partnership with CFLD International, the Singapore-based firm responsible for the New Tangerang City project and a leader in planned city development, Samanea Jakarta’s innovative market and client support services demonstrate the potential of these types of comprehensive trade spaces in Southeast Asia’s largest economy.

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