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Samanea Bangkok: a bespoke commercial experience in the heart of Thailand

Building on the city’s long history of commerce, Samanea Bangkok’s strategic location brings modern logistics and a unique trade mix to the capital’s wholesale and retail markets

May 10, 2021
Samanea Bangkok: a bespoke commercial experience in the heart of Thailand
Samanea Bangkok’s office welcomes visitors to the 330,000 square metre market space.

Born from a 15th century trading post during the Ayutthaya Empire, modern Bangkok owes its development as an economic hub, in large part, to its ideal location. Situated on the meandering Chao Praya River Delta, the country’s capital is just 25km from the gulf of Thailand, creating the perfect conditions for the trade and commerce that continue to propel the city’s 98 billion USD economic output. 

Recognising the potential Asia’s 8th largest economy holds, Singapore-based development firm Samanea has chosen Bangkok for its entrance into the Thai market and, like in the city itself, location plays an important role in the company’s strategy. 

Taking advantage of the capital’s geography and transportation infrastructure, Samanea Bangkok is situated on the Bang Na expressway, a major artery connecting some of the country’s most significant trade facilities. Just 40km from the Port of Bangkok and 75km north of Laem Chabang port, Samanea’s Thai location is in the middle of two of the region’s major maritime shipping hubs. 

The market is also just 30 minutes via the Bang Trad road from Suvarnabhumi airport, which handles traffic from over 40 passenger and cargo airlines and represents 94% of international and 45% of domestic air freight in the country. This combination of land, sea and air transport places Samanea Bangkok at a significant logistical advantage for access to local, regional and international commerce.

More than 400 stores offer a bespoke trade mix that was developed specifically with Bangkok’s unique consumer demands in mind.

And while location is an important part of Samanea Bangkok’s appeal, the services and products offered are what really set this development apart.

The 330,000 square metre facility is built around the Samanea Bangkok Market, a wholesale and retail trade centre that was designed with the distinct needs of Thailand’s growing middle class in mind. In fact, the goods offered at the market paint a surprisingly accurate picture of the interests and demographics of the city’s 10.5 million-plus residents.

This additional level of support allows clients to remain competitive in fast paced international markets by streamlining supply chains and reducing obstacles to resource access. 

Along with the makeup, kitchen appliances and household goods that would be in demand anywhere in the world, Samanea Bangkok also offers products more specific to this Asian city. With millions of motorbikes on Bangkok’s streets, it only made sense to stock gear and equipment for the city’s motorcycle riders, and seeing that it is home to over 400 Buddhist temples, the Samanea team recognised the market for religious supplies and sells a wide variety of goods for holidays and daily worship at competitive prices. 

But this Thai-specific trade mix is only half of what Samanea Bangkok brings to the table. 

The logistics services provided by the Singapore firm ensure that their clients operate in just as bespoke an environment as the shoppers. With tenant warehouses designed to handle clients’ stock and supplies located on site and over 430 stores available, Samanea Bangkok reduces friction to facilitate smooth and efficient wholesale and retail operations. 

Along with these essential support services, Samanea Bangkok organizes 5 to 6 annual industry exhibitions and procurement negotiation events to attract new clients and ensure that the trade mix in the market continues to expand. Samanea also provides clients with opportunities to meet new suppliers by facilitating face-to-face meetings with manufacturers from neighboring countries, including China, Japan and Korea. This additional level of support allows clients to remain competitive in fast paced international markets by streamlining supply chains and reducing obstacles to resource access. 

As the impacts of Covid-19 continue to influence economies, Samanea remains committed to client and shopper safety. With Thailand feeling the sting of another wave of infection, the hygiene and sanitation protocols at Samanea Bangkok were designed to reduce risk and meet the most stringent of government safety mandates. 

Tenant warehouses and logistic support services ensure that Samanea Bangkok’s clients have everything they need to compete in the city’s fast growing economy.

The temperatures of all customers are taken when entering the market, hand sanitizer is available throughout the facility, and every weekend the entire market is thoroughly disinfected and employees are tested, further demonstrating Samanea’s dedication to its staff, clients and customers. 

With experience throughout the region, Samanea is well positioned to examine the unique features of a population and create facilities, services and support that speak to their experiences. Their Bangkok location is the latest expression of this tailored approach to commerce, and as economies bounce back and patterns of consumption resume around the world, Samenea’s comprehensive trade centre will be there to answer the call.

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