Peaking inside newsrooms, cheap narcotics and turtle conservation

Thanks for joining us on this incredible journey. This past week, we’ve covered stories from poets and newscasters, bureaucrats and garment workers. These headlines will take you to the front-lines of Southeast Asia’s ‘war on drugs’, to the farm fields of Cambodia and the lonely elders of locked-down Singapore

May 18, 2020
Peaking inside newsrooms, cheap narcotics and turtle conservation

Embattled ABS-CBN’s future shrouded in doubt, but newsroom fights on

In the Philippines, the future of ABS-CBN remains uncertain as a decision on whether to allow it to return to air meanders through the nation’s political system. But in the newsroom, one of the network’s few branches still operating, news chief Ging Reyes says there is a renewed drive and energy.

As governments turn to the virus, Southeast Asia’s narcotics trade booms

Southeast Asia’s booming narcotics industry has only been given a helping hand in recent months as governments turn their attention to combating Covid-19. With prices dropping and potency rising, the drug trade could be set to hit the region harder than ever.

Discussing life, colonialism and migration with poet Theophilus Kwek

Ahead of the release of his upcoming book of poetry Moving House, award-winning Singaporean writer Theophilus Kwek sits down with the Globe to discuss the themes of colonialism, politics, racism and migration that all served as inspiration for his latest work.

Treading on eggshells

As the global pandemic brings a halt to most human activity, many species of turtle are finally finding the breathing room to once again breed and repopulate. But it takes a community to save a turtle, and across Southeast Asia there are several networks fighting for nature’s gentle giants.

‘Cambodia’s agricultural sector is in dire need of revitalisation’

With the stalwarts of the Cambodian economy, tourism and garments, set to be decimated by the economic downturn, Prime Minister Hun Sen has called on agriculture to step in and pick up the slack. A badly neglected sector struggling to survive with outdated methods, technology and extreme weather events, how can this be done?

Galapagos Islands on land: Why limestone is essential to life

An essential component for cement, as well as a breeding ground for biodiversity, limestone quite literally serves as the building block for much of life on earth. On this International Day of Biological Diversity, Rimba gives us the run down on this most unsung of all heroes.

Vietnam’s Covid-19 ‘Liberation’

Against the odds, Vietnam has become a global success story in combating Covid-19 as its started to open up once again. Hanoi resident Alex Sheal has been present for Vietnam’s latest “liberation”, and believes attitudes towards the humble face mask highlight the difference between his new home and the West.

Upcycling: Growing sustainability and diversity in Cambodia’s garment sector

Upcycling is a seemingly win-win initiative bringing old adversaries the environment and profitability together. While in its nascent stages in Cambodia, does a circular economy offer potential for the badly hit garment sector to diversify and increase sustainability?

A student’s perspective: What I learned from Singapore’s schools closing

Singapore is a country famous for having among the most rigorous education systems in the world. So when all its schools were shut in recent months as the pandemic took hold, student Charmaine Sew acquired a valuable life lesson of her own.

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