Identity through art

This week we delve into the world of art and culture, raising the curtain with Mandalay-based socially-conscious performing arts school Inwa, teaching progressive values to rural youth in Myanmar. We then explore themes of identity and belonging with Lao American author Bryan Woah Thao Worra, publishing four selected poems from his recently-released new book, ‘Before We Remember We Dream’

November 21, 2020
Identity through art

Anakut episode 7: The state of democracy in Cambodia and ASEAN

This week, Transparency International Cambodia’s executive director, Pech Pisey, joins Meng and Andrew in the studio to discuss that hottest of topics in the Kingdom today – the state of democracy and corruption in Cambodia.

Before we remember we dream

In his sixth book, Lao American writer Bryan Thao Worra blends memoir and fiction as he explores culture and identity among the Southeast Asian diaspora in his collection of poems.

Who rules Thailand, the military or the monarchy?

As Thailand’s monarchy is rocked by unprecedented public protests, what would a diminished royal institution mean for the power and influence exerted by the kingdom’s military?

The Mandalay arts school giving rural children their chance in the spotlight

In Mandalay, the Inwa performing arts school has since 2016 been a beacon of progressive values and opportunity, offering Myanmar’s rural children the chance to take to the stage, expand their horizons and even escape poverty.

Fires and Covid-19: A disaster duo in Indonesia

Each year, Indonesians suffer through toxic haze during the country’s annual fire season. This year, with the archipelago nation recording some of the highest cases of Covid-19 in the region, the added complication of the pandemic means the health of millions is at stake.

How a simple toilet improved the life of a small Ben Tre family

In rural Vietnam, less than 50% of households have hygienic latrines. Highlighting this issue in his latest short film, Saigon-based filmmaker Morgan Ommer met with a family whose lives have dramatically changed with the addition of a simple toilet.

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