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Established in 2018, GreenYellow has found its niche in Cambodia

Phannaro Nhem
February 1, 2021
Energy Solutions

Renewable energy refers to green energy solutions that promise a clean and sustainable future and in tropical countries, GreenYellow French company continues to address the rising needs of energy, not only in Cambodia but in the neighboring countries of Vietnam and Thailand as well. An energy management firm, GreenYellow has more than 2,000 energy efficiency projects and 300 MWp of solar projects. 

Energy efficiency refers to the reduction of a facility’s energy use while maintaining the same level of services, improving electrical equipment and bringing automation to the facility. 

Many retail companies such as shopping malls and supermarkets in Vietnam and Thailand are already practising the energy efficiency model from GreenYellow via crucial combinations of automatic setting systems, efficient equipment and monitoring technology. 

The company’s intriguing Energy Service Company (ESCO) business model shares the savings from clients while paying for the cost of the equipment make GreenYellow popular among various private enterprises.

Projects are implemented at low cost for clients and GreenYellow installs all the equipment, automation and monitoring systems, using 50% of the energy savings to cover the cost of equipment, while the other 50% is equally split between the company and client.  

The company’s intriguing Energy Service Company (ESCO) business model generates income through the 75% share of savings from clients

GreenYellow was developed with two main fields of focus: energy efficiency and solar energy projects. However, the nucleus of GreenYellow in Cambodia is only solar energy production rather than energy efficiency, as Cambodia’s market remains small compared to the neighbouring countries, despite increasing energy consumption. 

Another limiting factor is the scale effect and the lack of multi-site companies in the Kingdom. In Thailand, one retail company might have 300 locations across the nation, so a single contract can lead to many projects for different locations. In Cambodia, the company must target projects one by one. A process made more challenging due to technical reasons, particularly the unstable grid, irregular voltage and power cuts.

Recently, GreenYellow built a project with a solar farm in Kampong Cham generating 1.5MW of electricity, and they are currently managing projects with private companies to provide sustainable and green energy. In addition, the company has other solar projects under construction that will generate a total of about 5MW. 

Currently, the cost of solar energy is as low as 6 cents per kWh for big operations and 7 to 10 cents per kWh for companies with smaller projects. GreenYellow focuses on providing solar solutions to these private firms and developing utility projects to support Cambodia in its energy transition. Solar energy is not readily available for households in Cambodia, however, a large number of companies in the Kingdom can reap substantial benefits from green and carbon-free power, particularly solar energy. 

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