Get me in here is the region’s first mobile application for same day hotel reservations

Southeast Asia Globe
December 5, 2012 is the region’s first mobile application for same day hotel reservations

Last-minute travellers need have no more sleepless nights with the launch of Southeast Asia’s first mobile booking system for same day accommodation.
The app, which can be found at, was launched in Cambodia and is designed to be a fast and easy alternative to conventional hotel booking channels.
Every day, the company handpicks three exclusive hotels per location and ranks them as boutique, classic and deluxe. guarantees that these hotels are thoroughly screened and meet the requirements of business travellers, tourists and residents who crave flexibility and/or need to make rapid travel decisions.
The announcement of the three best deals is made every day at 11am. From then on, users everywhere can immediately reserve a hotel room from their smart phone or tablet. Because the proposed rooms can only be booked for the same night, the application can offer discounts up to 70%.
“ offers a great deal not only for travellers, but also for the hotels we work with,” says managing director, Mark Southby, adding that the app also caters to the needs of hotels, by filling up rooms that might otherwise remain empty.
Currently the web application is only available for locations in Cambodia, but is planning to expand business in the region to Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia from the beginning of 2013.

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