Farming fish and tying an elephant knot

Singapore plans to increase local food production through aquaculture while a Cambodian village held an elephant wedding

July 2, 2022
Farming fish and tying an elephant knot

Hello Globe readers,

Southeast Asia Globe has used the previous two weeks to bring readers details and insights on aquaculture, abortion, capital punishment, international politics and elephants tying the knot.

Globe’s Jack Brook kicked off the fortnight with a report from the scene of a traditional elephant wedding in rural Cambodia. Jack attended the village nuptials, which also marked the arrival of a newborn elephant with blessings and ceremonies, at the invitation of the Elephant Valley Project, a sanctuary operated by conservation NGO Elephant Livelihood Initiative Environment.

Singapore plans to establish more fish farms off the coast of the city-state to increase seafood production and help the country’s goal of fulfilling 30% of nutritional needs with local food. Globe’s Amanda Oon spoke with aquaculture expert Matthew Tan of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation about the city-state’s  self-sufficiency, food security and fish baby booms.

Following the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to overturn nearly 50 years of abortion law precedent, Globe’s Brian P. D. Hannon produced a roundup of abortion laws in Southeast Asia. The statutes are as varied as the cultures across the region, with abortion regulations changing at each border crossing.

Myanmar’s government announced plans to execute four dissidents for alleged crimes against the military state. Contributor Oliver Slow argued the reinstatement of capital punishment was a desparate attempt to quell opposition and assert further control, but the show of force may strengthen public resolve and speed the junta’s eventual downfall.

U.S. President Joe Biden launched an initiative to deepen ties with ASEAN through a trade pact known as the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework. Contributor Mark S. Cogan analysed the attempt to loosen China’s growing grip on the region and the potential pros and cons for the participant nations at the centre of Biden’s pivot to the Indo-Pacific.

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