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Sofitel around the world makes it a point of honour to promote art and culture, particularly inspiring local talent, and the Sofitel Phnom Penh Phokeethra is no exception. We are excited to announce the opening of the Dark Matter Exhibition by Donvirao

September 3, 2020

Over the past years, the Phokeethra Group has been actively participating in the Phnom Penh art scene through regular exhibitions within the hotel.

Phokeethra Group aims at expressing its active investment and commitment to nurture the arts in Cambodia.


Donvirao, the artist name of Douglas Victor, was born in France in 1998 while his grand-father already settled down in Cambodia. He was attracted in his young ages to various artistic expression forms including drawing. However, animated by a great curiosity and energy, he strives to experiment and innovate. In 2014, he quit his studies and his life in France to seek the roots of his unknown family in Kampong Som province (coastal province, South-West of the Kingdom). He lived there for couple of years, close to recent tragedies of Cambodian people.

His artistic emotion takes its origins into a whirlwind of discovery, drama and colours. It is a continuous quest for another world in a painful “way of life”. In 2018 that Donvirao was born, when he finally came to the Cambodian capital city. In Phnom Penh, he wishes to live and create.

It is a continuous quest for another world in a painful “way of life”. In 2018 that Donvirao was born, when he finally came to the Cambodian capital city.

 Self-taught artist since the beginnings, he wants to take the risk to create his very own products. He has a singular way to manipulate a mix of multiple ingredients, paints which leads to a unique creation. His artworks, made from resin, create a modern art type, as cosmic as organic. In his art studio, he creates his artworks by giving them unreal shapes of which he has the secret.

Donvirao’s artworks are most of the time at the edge of abstract. They will  not let people indifferent. His research tends to other forgotten art stream. He evokes Pareidolia, a psychic phenomenon involving creating illusions and random (a picture or a sound) perceived as significant.

The painter seeks the exact harmony between colour, gesture and texture. Each artwork, as a result, creates a feeling of mystery where the depth fades with movement. “Intensity of colours, exacerbated shapes and fractal formation thereby the stroke and patterns create a deeply-felt feeling to the spectator and the overall gesture is one of the principal transmitters of this kind of emotional power.”, Donvirao said.

His contemporary paintings suggest a vision of other worlds at the scale of the greatest to the smallest. In his artworks, there is certainty of beyond and the colorful impact of our time.

The Dark Matters exhibition will be on display at Sofitel Phnom Penh Phokeethra from August to November 2020.

All artworks are available for purchase and can be shipped to your home country. Please see our Ambassadors for more details.

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