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What is Southeast Asia Globe?

Southeast Asia Globe is a member-supported media platform based out of Phnom Penh, Cambodia. We focus on producing in-depth features that fall into our four main category pillars of Power, Money, Earth and Life, with our sights set on fostering a more informed and sustainable Southeast Asia.

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Absolutely. We want to become a leading source of independent and progressive journalism in the region – and we can’t do that without your help and feedback.

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I have a story I would like to pitch to Southeast Asia Globe. What should I do?

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Southeast Asia Globe offers both corporate and educational membership packages. Please write to members@globemediaasia.com to learn more.

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We receive our funding from Globe Membership fees and donations from our patrons. In both cases, we have an open door policy to offer feedback and engage with our team. If you are unsatisfied with some aspect of your membership, please write to us at info@globemediaasia.com and we are happy to discuss these challenges with you. While we do not offer refunds, we will consider your feedback seriously and do whatever we can to improve.

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