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We’re looking for in-depth feature articles and analysis as well as powerful opinion pieces by experts or knowledgeable personalities of public life on the most vital issues facing Southeast Asia. We also welcome historical pieces and stories that describe unusual events in the region written by specialists in a topic. Above all, we want quality, clarity and creativity. We want stories that are bold, intelligent and forward-looking, satisfying our audience’s curiosity and inspiring them to read and learn on our core topics:

Power: Bring us in-depth political reporting and analysis on the big questions rocking Southeast Asia. Think democracy and autocracy, human rights and sovereignty, justice and policy. 

Money: Break down Southeast Asia’s most massive industries, and show just what big business means for the workers on the ground. Think prosperity and sustainability, innovation and corruption, start-ups and social enterprises.

Life: We want writers who can write thoughtfully about how communities across Southeast Asia are grappling with change. Think equality and identity, education and religion, culture and migration.

Earth: Explore what climate collapse means on a human level. Think plastic waste and air pollution, drought and extinction, sustainable energy and urbanisation.

Please read our pitch requirements and expectations before you submit the pitch form. We will get in touch with you within 5 – 10 working days. If the piece is timely, please make sure to highlight it in the form. If you have any question, please contact us at editorial@globemediaasia.com