Canadian International School of Phnom Penh's French Immersion Programme

Sponsored: French instructor Raphael Pech discusses the Canadian International School's (CIS) groundbreaking french Immersion Programme

March 5, 2018

Sponsored: French instructor Raphael Pech discusses the Canadian International School’s (CIS) groundbreaking french Immersion Programme

A student at CIS learns animal vocabulary

What is the French Immersion Programme at CIS and how do I enroll my child?
CIS is proud to have offered a dynamic French Immersion programme since August 2015. All students from Grade 1 and up who demonstrate an interest and aptitude in learning French are eligible for the programme. Students learn in French for about 40% of their school day.

Along with our French Immersion Programme, French language courses are offered to all students who wish to learn French from the age of three and up.

If students wish to enrol in this programme, one of our French instructors will conduct a quick assessment of the child’s French level and whether the programme would be suitable for them.

What subjects are offered in the French Immersion Programme?
At CIS, we teach science, social studies, health classes and, of course, French language courses in French for our immersion programme. Students in the French Immersion programme have the advantage of following the Canadian curriculum while improving their language skills in French. This represents 120 minutes per day of instruction, or about 40% of instruction time, which is why our students improve their language skills very quickly.

What are the benefits of enrolling my child in the French Immersion Programme?
We keep our French Immersion classes small. We encourage learning through discovery and projects while using state-of-the-art teaching tools such as inverted classrooms, tablets and interactive whiteboards. We know children learn in different ways and at different paces; we practice differentiated instruction to respect different styles of learning and enable our students to reach their potential.

Do you offer other programmes for my child to learn French without being in the immersion programme?
CIS offers specific French language courses from three years old preparing them effectively for the French Immersion Programme if they choose to enrol.

Who teaches your French language classes and your French Immersion Programme?
Our team is made up of three French teachers from Canada and France and a Cambodian teaching assistant who is fluent in French and studied at the French Institute in Phnom Penh. We have already seen a number of students from non-French-speaking families able to speak fluently in French in just a few years.

Have any students from CIS gone on to study French elsewhere?
We are very proud of two students who are continuing their schooling in Quebec, Canada, and have chosen to continue the immersion programme in French; a perfect example of the transition and integration of Francophone culture.

What else should I know about the French Immersion Programme and French language options at CIS?
Every year, we celebrate the Francophone culture through various events bringing together our school community. Our annual assembly in French prepared by our students is an opportunity for them to share their interest in this programme with the entire CIS community.

Our students are constantly interacting with our partner school, École Française Internationale (EFI). This allows students to practice their French frequently and learn more about French culture, and it allows us to organise learning times in common.

Our school library has an impressive selection of books in French; we believe in the importance of expanding our French library each year. At CIS we learn in French and read it too.

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