Reshaping tomorrow’s opportunity for young workforce

With the age of Industry 4.0 upon us, innovation is the name of the game. Workers must upskill and industries adapt in order to keep pace and meet the demands of the global economy. Nowhere is this truer than Cambodia, a country feeling the dire effects of the pandemic as its core industries are hit by the economic downturn, and which still lags behind its regional peers in terms of skills and education.

In 2019, the United Nations Development Programme stepped in to bridge this gap by creating the Accelerator Labs, aiming to build the world’s largest and fastest learning network on sustainable development challenges. Over the coming months, UNDP will produce a series of articles in partnership with Southeast Asia Globe, campaigning to drive national discussion and dialogue between stakeholders, as well as serve as public domain for innovation on youth employment and skills development.

A young Cambodian teacher’s view: How to improve our education system

Cambodia’s traditional education system based around rote learning is failing to prepare the Kingdom’s youth for the fast changing world of work. Phannaro Nhem, a maths teacher in Phnom Penh, believes preparing educators to impart soft skills like adaptability is the future of schooling Read More

Who should train the next generation of Cambodian workers?

Cambodian workers have long suffered from a lack of education and training. While historically the public and private sectors have placed responsibility for producing a quality workforce on one other, as the skills gap widens, cooperation on the issue is growing Read More

Because of the speed, dynamics, and complexity of today’s challenges we’re not making fast enough progress. The current development practice doesn’t keep up with the pace of change while best practices don’t always exist. We need to learn what works and what doesn’t for sustainable development problems and we need to learn fast and stay curious. UNDP set out in 2019 to bridge this gap by creating the Accelerator Labs to build the world’s largest and fastest learning network on sustainable development challenges.  Our labs are accelerating learning on what works and what doesn’t, testing new ways of working, and creating new capability for decision-makers to explore, experiment, and grow portfolios of mutually reinforcing solutions.

Accelerator Labs are part of UNDP’s global network and country offices. Our 60 labs in 78 countries, now expanding another 30, bring bright, unusual talent into UNDP at each country to work with policymakers, local communities, social and grassroots innovators, private sector, and development partners to reimagine sustainable development for the 21st century.


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