No child deserves to grow up knowing only fear and want. In partnership with Friends International, Southeast Asia Globe has produced a series investigating the changing face of child protection in Cambodia. We’ll be taking you to the frontlines of the battle against poverty, addiction and predation in the Kingdom – and bringing you face to face with some of the people working hardest to build a brighter beginning for Cambodia’s children.

Child protection

Lost in translation

A wave of casino-driven Chinese tourism to Cambodia is creating new challenges for the community networks that child protection groups have spent years setting up Read More

Drugs in Cambodia

Second chances

A deluge of cheap pills from the nearby Golden Triangle means many young Cambodians are vulnerable to getting hooked on drugs. But community-based organisations could hold the key to pushing back against addiction Read More

Youth unemployment

Working things out

Cambodia has a shortage of candidates with the necessary soft skills key to propelling them towards better jobs. We speak to the community organisations trying to expand opportunities for vulnerable youth. Read More

About Friends-International

Friends-International (FI) works with marginalised urban children and youth, their families and communities assisting them to become productive, independent citizens of their country. They do this by listening to and being guided by those who matter the most – the children and youth they work with every day.

FI is an award-winning global social enterprise launched in Cambodia 1994. Through Friends Alliance, ChildSafe Movement and ChildSafe Alliance, FI now runs and supports projects for children and their families in countries including Laos, Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia, Vietnam, Honduras, Egypt, Kenya, India, Switzerland and the Philippines.

These articles have been researched and written in partnership with Friends International.