Anakut – The podcast about Cambodia’s future

Anakut is a podcast about Cambodia, where it stands today and where it’s moving into the future. In each episode, we invite new guests into our studio to discuss a major thematic issue affecting the Kingdom of Wonder. The podcast is a Southeast Asia Globe production partnership Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) Cambodia. Join us for the conversation!

Belt & Road Initiative

The Anakut podcast: China’s Belt & Road Initiative in Cambodia

In the third episode of Anakut Season Three, the team debut a new format and head out to the Phnom Penh – Sihanoukville expressway and speak to residents and experts about what the BRI really means for Cambodia’s economic relationship with China Read More


The Anakut podcast: Public Education in Cambodia

The second issue of the Globe podcast focusing on the future of Cambodia tackles the Kingdom’s public education post-pandemic and what skills are needed to support students both inside and outside the classrooms Read More

Women’s rights

The Anakut podcast: Women in politics and policy

The third season of Globe’s own podcast discussing Cambodia’s future explores women’s evolving role in the Kingdom’s political participation and the challenges they still face Read More

Urban planning

The Anakut podcast: What comes next for rapidly changing Phnom Penh?

Roughly doubling in size and population over the past decade, Phnom Penh is a rapidly changing city. What the next 10 years hold is hard to predict, but we’ve brought on Ngo Natharoun, head of the Center for Khmer Studies, and Michael Waibel, lead of the Build4People urbanism project, to offer their insights Read More


The Anakut podcast: Cambodia’s coal-fired energy roadmap

Until recently, Cambodia’s energy was drawn from a healthy looking split of renewables and carbon fuels. But with a rash of announced coal power projects, that ratio is set to significantly worsen by 2030. To discuss this, energy expert Chea Sophorn and ERIA’s Venkatachalam Anbumozhi join us in the studio Read More


The Anakut podcast: Corruption and the destruction of Prey Lang Forest

This week we take a walk through Prey Lang Forest, in theory a protected sanctuary, but which has seen rampant deforestation propelled by corruption. Joining us are Moeu Chandara, an activist from the Cambodian Youth Network, and Fran Lambrick, a co-founder of environmental and human rights group Not1More Read More


The Anakut podcast: The state of Cambodia’s garment sector today

The outlook seemed bleak for the Kingdom’s garment industry when early last year Cambodia simultaneously lost tariff-free access to the EU and the pandemic struck the global economy. Almost 18 months on, we speak with GMAC head Ken Loo and researcher Dennis Arnold to learn about the state of the industry today Read More

Ethnic minorities

The Anakut podcast: Beyond being Khmer in Cambodia

Being Khmer is often treated as synonymous to being Cambodian. But many ethnicities are woven throughout the Kingdom’s rich tapestry, as social commentator Din Darathtey and Cambodian Living Arts executive director Prim Phloeun join the podcast to discuss Read More


The Anakut podcast: Cambodia’s controversial internet gateway

Proposals for an internet gateway in Cambodia have inevitably drawn comparisons to China’s Great Firewall. In this episode of Anakut, we speak with digital security expert Moses Ngeth and James Griffiths, author of The Great Firewall of China, to hear what this plan could mean in practice Read More


The Anakut podcast: Cambodia’s role in ASEAN

We have a hot one for the second episode of Anakut Season 2. Things get animated as former Cambodian ambassador to Japan Pou Sothirak and former Singaporean diplomat Bilahari Kausikan discuss Cambodia’s role in ASEAN, under scrutiny as its ties with China grow stronger Read More


Anakut Season 2 is here! First up, Cambodia’s LGBTQ+ community

Welcome to Season 2 of the Anakut podcast! As June is the Pride Month, we’re kicking off with Cambodia’s LGBTQ+ community, discussing the hopes and challenges facing individuals today. Joining us is Skyler Ros, a transgender fashion designer, and Seng Reasey, executive director of rights group SILAKA Read More


The Anakut podcast: The state of press freedom in Cambodia

This week, hosts Meng and Andrew wrap up the first season with a slightly meta topic: The Cambodian media landscape today. Joining them are reporter Phorn Bopha, CCIM media director Ith Sothoeuth, and Focus: Ready for Tomorrow lead editor Nov Povleakhena Read More


The Anakut podcast: Beyond aid and the future of foreign money

A reliance on development assistance has been a feature of the post-war Cambodian economy. But as the Kingdom moves towards upper middle-income status, should foreign investment replace foreign aid? Author Dr Ear Sophal joins Andrew in the booth to discuss Read More


The Anakut podcast: Leapfrogging and the future of work in Cambodia

In episode five, we talk leapfrogging. Not the children’s game, but the idea that developing states can skip old tech to get up to speed with the latest and greatest. To learn more, we spoke to Kem Bora of investment group Mekong Strategic Partners, and Manu Rajan, CEO of digital money transfer service Wing Read More


The Anakut podcast: What does it mean to be Cambodian?

On Anakut this week we delve into identity and culture, asking that grandest of questions: what does it mean to be Cambodian in 2020? Joining Meng and Andrew in the studio to unpack this are festival organiser Lomorpich Rithy and budding reporter Phannaro Nhem Read More


The Anakut podcast: Women in the Kingdom

Anakut: The podcast about Cambodia’s future dissects the big issues impacting the Kingdom. This week, feminist figurehead Chak Sopheap and the next generation Ham Pidor discuss a topic directly impacting the lives of 50% of Cambodians – women’s rights Read More


Introducing Anakut: The podcast about Cambodia’s future

With plenty of help from our friends, the Globe team is launching onto the airwaves. In the inaugural episode of our very first podcast we chat with Future Forum president Ou Virak and economist Chheng Kimlong about Covid-19 and the Kingdom Read More

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