Flight MH370

Author Larry Vance says new book solves mystery ‘beyond a shadow of doubt’

On 8 March 2014, Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 left Kuala Lumpur but never reached its destination of Beijing. The aircraft disappeared, and has never been recovered. Now, veteran air crash investigator Larry Vance has released the book MH370: Mystery Solved, which claims to contain the truth behind what exactly happened

May 24, 2018
Author Larry Vance says new book solves mystery ‘beyond a shadow of doubt’
A man walks past a Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 mural painted on a wall at a street in Shah Alam, outside Kuala Lumpur Photo: Fazry Ismail / EPA-EFE

The website for your book makes a bold claim: “With this book, the mystery of MH370 has been solved.” Do you believe that you have proved your conclusions beyond a shadow of doubt?

I believe that readers of my book will agree that my conclusions prove what actually happened to MH370 beyond a shadow of doubt. My analysis and conclusions are supported by photos of the recovered wreckage pieces, so people can see for themselves the physical evidences that reveal what happened.

Without giving too much away, would you be able to highlight some of the more salient details that support your conclusion that this crash was caused by a suicidal pilot?

MH370 was flown to a remote part of the southern Indian Ocean and intentionally ditched on the ocean surface in such a way as to cause the least possible damage to the airplane. The pilot’s plan was to keep the airplane intact so it would sink to the ocean bottom, never to be found. The evidence that I reveal in the book proves this. All the actions taken by the pilot were done with the knowledge that there would be no possibility of survival for himself or for the passengers.

Author of MH370: Mystery Solved Larry Vance

Some dissenting voices have already come forward cornering the conclusions outlined in your book. How would you respond to them?

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau continues to support their theory that MH370 was unpiloted, and that it ran out of fuel and descended at high speed into the water. My book proves that this sequence did not happen – the airplane did not run out of fuel or crash at high speed into the ocean. I believe that with the release of my book, most people, including most experts, will come to agree with my analysis and conclusions. I believe that the official investigation will come under continuing pressure to defend their analysis, and that in the end they will reach a similar conclusion to mine.

Ocean Infinity is set to wrap up its investigation this month, but it so far doesn’t look like it has had any success. Why do you think it took on the investigation, considering the previous failures?

The latest search by Ocean Infinity, which is now scheduled to wrap up at the end of May, was well intended, but the area of their search was based on the same inaccurate assumptions used for the original search. The search zones were calculated using the assumptions of fuel starvation or engine failure followed by an uncontrolled descent from that calculated position. None of that actually happened, meaning that their search areas were based on incorrect assumptions.

Do you think your book will encourage investigators to reach an official conclusion regarding the crash?

My book will reveal analysis that was not previously known to the official investigation. I believe that my evidence will allow the authorities to reach definitive conclusions about what actually happened to MH370.

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