A week in politics

Cambodia prepares to vote in July general election as Thailand remains without new PM. Annamites mountain habitat is a concern for conservationists

July 22, 2023
A week in politics

Hello Globe readers,

Today marks the last day of Cambodia’s election campaign, which meant rallies of thousands organised by the ruling Cambodia’s People Party (CPP) motored through Phnom Penh.

But many young Cambodians are concerned about the lack of fair competition in a system long dominated by Prime Minister Hun Sen and his party. After election officials forbade the main opposition Candlelight Party to run due to a paperwork requirement, only a scattering of minor opposition parties are left to compete with the CPP. 

Just over the border, Thailand has yet to select its next prime minister after the opposition Move Forward Party leader Pita Limjaroenrat was ruled out for the second time in a row. Citizens have been mobilising and gearing up in nationwide protests.

This week, the Globe also published the Khmer version of Govi Snell and Anton L. Delgado’s feature on farmers clashing with the few remaining wild elephants in Vietnam, causing major concerns among environmentalists. 

Conservationists across the region are also worried about the growing threats of illegal wildlife trade and deforestation in the Annamite mountains, where newly discovered species are already heading towards extinction. 

Lastly for the stories, six decades after Singapore’s failed prison experiment that resulted in a deadly riot, film director Tom St. John Gray spoke in an interview about the process of uncovering the truth behind this riot and sharing it in a CNA documentary titled “Riot Island.”

Finally, for some Globe news, today’s newsletter marks four years of Sightlines. For long-time readers, thanks for following — for newcomers, welcome aboard! We’ve been publishing deep-dives from around the region since 2007 and hope to do so for much, much longer yet. Hit this link if you’d like to subscribe and join our mission!

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