When political decisions create more problems than solutions

Illegal fishing on Cambodia’s Tonle Sap lake, Indonesian president regrets past human rights violations, HIV infections surge in Cambodia

January 14, 2023
When political decisions create more problems than solutions

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This week’s articles focus on the direct effects of political decisions on the local communities in Cambodia, while Indonesian President Jokowi acknowledged past human rights abuses. 

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Unclear national regulations over illegal fishing on Tonle Sap lake in Cambodia have forced hundreds of villagers to give up their fishing businesses for fear of a crackdown. Globe’s Anton L. Delgado, in collaboration with The Third Pole, reported how families from the floating villages have to resort to alternative sources of income to avoid repercussions from the authorities if caught fishing in restricted areas. 

Communities in remote areas are also those most affected by a recent surge in HIV infections in Cambodia. Globe’s Beatrice Siviero dug into societal and political reasons behind this rise and the crucial issue of high-risk groups’ participation in policy-making.

In the meantime, in Indonesia, President Joko Widodo expressed regret over the human rights violations across the country between 1960 and 2000 sparking criticism among several human rights activists. They argued that acknowledging the facts is not enough; they want apologies. 

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