The heart of glass: CSG group

When top-class projects go looking for energy-saving glass, CSG group is their first port of call

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March 7, 2016
The heart of glass: CSG group

When top-class projects go looking for energy-saving glass, CSG group is their first port of call

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CSG Holding was established in 1984 and, by issuing both A-shares and B-shares on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 1992, CSG became one of the earliest listed companies in China with 20 subsidiaries and a staff of almost 10,000 people at present.CSG-Class

CSG Group is devoted to energy-saving and renewable energy business and claims that its long-term development strategy is centred on its motto: “Providing the community with energy-saving glass and renewable energy products”. The main scope of CSG’s business covers the manufacture and sale of flat glass, architectural energy-saving glass, polysilicon materials, PV modules and ultra-thin sheet glass for electronic mobile devices.

Headquartered in Shenzhen, China, CSG Group also boasts five industrial production bases that are strategically located throughout the country. There is the Yangtze River Delta area in the east, the Pearl River Delta area in the south, the Chengdu-Chongqing region in the west, the Beijing-Tianjin region in the north and the central Hubei area. Between them, these bases cover the most active domestic economic zones in China. Meanwhile, CSG also has overseas subsidiaries in Hong Kong and Australia, as well as office branches in Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. All in all, this makes CSG the most competitive enterprise in China’s glass industry and one of the most influential glass brands in Asia.

Back in 1996, CSG was the first manufacturer to begin R&D and production of energy-saving glass in China. As a pioneer and leader of the domestic market, CSG participated in composing and revising several significant national and industrial standards for energy-saving buildings and products. Large energy-saving glass production bases have been built in Dongguan, Tianjin, Wujiang, Chengdu and Xianning, all of them boasting the capacity and technology necessary to keep ahead in domestic markets. By increasing product innovation and the expansion of production capacity, CSG Group aims to maintain its position as the largest supplier of energy-saving glass in China and a key supplier for the whole of Asia. 

A selection of CSG’s projects

New CCTV building, Beijing

Beijing Capital International Airport – terminal three, Beijing

How Ming Street, Hong Kong

Grand Lisboa hotel, Macau

Wynn hotel, Las Vegas

Vattanac Capital tower, Cambodia

ION Orchard, Singapore

The South Beach hotel, Singapore

Naza Tower, Malaysia

Block three, Thailand

Tokyo International Airport, Japan

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