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"Stop Acid Violence"

A song by Soum Bunnarith and Dr Horng Lairapo

Soum Bunnarith & Dr Horng Lairapo
March 14, 2013
"Stop Acid Violence"

A song by Soum Bunnarith and Dr Horng Lairapo

The bitter acid is a cold-blooded killer.
It can make human sorrow and separate families and it made me disabled and troubled my mind.
So please don’t use acid, acid is a killer, it is terrible killer and perpetrators won’t avoid justice.
Acid violence is no good for the people in our country.
Please all four ministries help out.
Acid has killed families and friendships and this is the thing that leads people into poverty.
When we felt the acid burn our bodies we got help from CASC organization.
Acid is a tremendous poison that ruins lives.
Please, all the world help us out.
Acid violence is making our country poorer.
So all four ministries please help out.
Acid is killing families and friends and this is making our country get poorer.
When acid burns it burns physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
Acid victims get help from CASC organization.
Acid is a terrible poison.
All the people in the world please be aware.
Please help out.
You can listen to the song here: Stop Acid Violence (Kheatakor acid)

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