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Meet the Skully AR-1 – the ultimate in protective headgear

Southeast Asia Globe Editorial
December 29, 2014

Meet the Skully AR-1 – the ultimate in protective headgear

In the late 3rd Century, the cavalry Romano-Sassanian Ridge helmet was the darling of health and safety inspectors when it came to shielding the noggins of late Roman army soldiers. Characterised by its bowl shape, made up of two or four parts and united by a longitudinal ridge, the dome-like armour was just about indestructible, with some examples turning up hundreds of years after they were known to be used in battle.
Today, the ultimate in protective headwear comes in the form of the Skully AR-1. Iron domes have given way to a more Iron Man-like aesthetic, with sensors and microprocessors in the helmet allowing the wearer to enjoy GPS navigation, voice control and, naturally, smartphone pairing so that one can take calls and select and listen to music without the need to stop en route. The AR-1’s E-Tint visor uses an electrochromatic liquid crystal technology originally created for military use, which lets the rider switch the visor from tinted to un-tinted with the push of a button. The best bit though has got to be the a rear-view camera mounted on the back of the helmet that beams 180-degree live footage of what’s going on behind the driver to a display in the front. Bet those Romans could have used some eyes in the backs of their heads… 

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