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Siam Eco Pack takes on plastic pollution with eco-friendly packaging

Every month, Southeast Asia Globe features stories from organisations around the region taking action to reduce plastic use. This month, we highlight Siam Eco Pack

A range of products of Siam Eco Pack, straws, cutlery, boxes made from sugarcane fiber, corn and potato starch

Siam Eco Pack is a supplier and distributor of biodegradable packaging for the retail, catering and hospitality businesses based in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Set up by a professional couple with a background in hospitality and art & design.
They offer packaging and catering supplies made from eco-friendly and fully recyclable materials. They have a wide range of products which include beautifully made straws, plates, cutlery and other catering supplies; bottles, refuse and gift bags and boxes. They have utilised their connections in neighboring Thailand which offer products made that are unavailable in Cambodia.
Co-Founder Joseph Vaughan tells us that sometimes customers are a little overawed by the advances in technology: “There are some innovative advances in technology available in the last few years such as packaging from corn and potato starch which are made into straws and plates and these are becoming more fashionable, but also we offer paper bags from a sustainable wood source and sometimes with this older technology people forget is also fully recyclable“
Co-founder Pim continues : “We are a relatively new company but we have managed to secure orders with many hotels, food outlets and manufacturers of products. We have supplied over 100,000 biodegradable straws and 70,000 food boxes which otherwise would have been more plastic in landfill. When I first arrived here 5 years, I was struck by how much plastic and styrofoam waste seemed to be present. I felt that something should be done. Therefore, this gave me the motivation to try to do something about it.”
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