Reforestation plans and labour rights

Cambodia's reforestation attempts might fail, and delivery app drivers across the region call for higher wages. Meanwhile, Singapore's education system implements new reforms

March 25, 2023
Reforestation plans and labour rights

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As environmental experts shared their concerns over the Phnom Tamao reforestation attempts by the Cambodian prime minister, delivery app drivers across the region are calling for higher wages and incentives. In the meantime, Singapore’s highly competitive education system is undergoing reforms to reduce students’ stress levels. 

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1 – Fallen forest: Cambodia’s political reforestation unlikely to survive

Globe’s Anton L. Delgado,

The Phnom Tamao reforestation efforts by Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen are unlikely to succeed, according to experts. Southeast Asia Globe explored the potential of an alternative method of ecosystem restoration developed by researchers in Thailand to improve regional reforestation and forest protection. 

2 – As Grab drives towards profitability, have drivers been kicked to the curb?

Globe’s Leila Goldstein,

While delivery apps originally improved the lives of local low-wage workers, years later, high competition in the sector led to a decrease in the drivers’ wages and incentives. But the lack of political power of labour unions in the industry prevented workers to take collective action.

3 – In stressed-out Singapore, schools are changing their tone

Globe’Beatrice Siviero,

Singapore’s government has been releasing new reforms for the highly competitive education system, aiming at reducing the high levels of stress in the students and facilitating the dismantlement of the current achievement-based ranking system.

4 – Southeast Asia’s power dynamic is not quite ‘Game of Thrones’

Raafi Seiff

Australian think tank Lowy Institute claims that the ASEAN combined power could give both China and the U.S. financial and political benefits as the two nations are competing to gain more influence in Southeast Asia.

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