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Recliners get new life

For years recliners have been a symbol of retirement. The preserve of senior citizens, recliners were drab reminders of less colourful times

Laid back: a new geration is looking to recline (De Vorm)

But there has been something of a revolution in the comfy chair industry, with a host of young designers turning to a kaleidoscope of colours and lightweight materials to turnthe chunky TV sitbyes into svelte, social loungers. “There’s been a change: People want to have colour in their furniture, just like in their clothes,” said Nienke Stemerdink of the company de vorm of the Netherlands. Currently, purple is very popular, but orange also has a following. The development reflects the repositioning of the work environment. In these connected times, your work space may well be a chair at home and it’s natural to make that as comfortable as possible. The Parabolica, a lounger made by Netherlands based Leolux, for example has arms shaped to fit a laptop.

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